Promoting a Positive Company Culture in the Workplace

August 19, 2021  |   tagMental health

Most people spend the better part of their day at work. Because of this, everyone should feel valued when performing their job, even if they don’t like their role. Workplace stress is hard enough, but people also bring their problems to work with them. This only serves to worsen their performance and can be highly detrimental. Additionally, outdated attitudes, prejudices, and bullying are still common. But there are simple yet effective ways to support your employees and promote a positive culture at work. 

positive workplace cultureCaring and Positive Guidance for Employees

A growing trend among workplace culture includes the professional services of highly skilled and trained chaplain teams. These experienced men and women will make regular site visits for personalized and brief interactions with employees without interfering with your schedule. In addition, many chaplains come from highly educated backgrounds, such as doctors, lawyers, and educators. 

Because of their positive personalities combined with unique backgrounds, chaplains offer a dedicated service to employees by engaging in personal matters. Grief counseling, money issues, stress relief, and co-worker resolution are part of chaplain services that can help your staff members be their best selves and help others to do the same.

Promote Professional Team Support

In addition to chaplains who offer caring guidance, you could consider professional support from trained psychologists. Workplace psychologists are also becoming prevalent in the workplace. Organizational psychologists provide similar support to chaplains but from a focused mental perspective to improve work performance and job satisfaction.

Workplace psychologists use standard psychological methods to improve all aspects of work across your company. A large part of this includes one-to-one counseling and involves communication skills and applying psychological techniques to the workplace. These include improvements to the site by way of increasing professional satisfaction and promoting safety.   

Diversity and Inclusivity with Leadership

You should include everyone in the work environment who shares it with others. Of course, access restrictions and hierarchical decisions will restrict how much you can include someone in something. However, it would be best if you aimed to include as many people as possible whenever necessary. Inclusions should also aim to be as diverse as possible.

Diversity in the workplace gives everyone a place and opens up separate groups of people to each other providing multiple perspectives. For example, real-world situations might dictate that one minority doesn’t mix with another, promoting a feeling of exclusion and misunderstanding. In addition, cultural stagnancy can lead to poor communication and stereotyping. 

Diversity helps promote the best company culture possible by helping all employees to see that we are all the same underneath, no matter where we come from.

Create Workplace Respect, Respect, and More Work Respect

Respect for each other is a top priority in the workplace. Under no circumstances should disrespect in the form of racism, sexism, bullying, or stereotyping be tolerated, and it might be best to introduce a zero-tolerance policy towards such actions. Whether you agree with them or not, modern movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter have played a significant role in highlighting some of the shocking behavior that still occurs in society, even in this day and age.

While everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs and opinions, they should remain private and left at home to themselves. However, all employees should be made aware that there will be severe consequences and possible legal action against racist behavior and sexual harassment at work. This includes name-calling, whistling, lewd jokes about women, sexual orientation or race, and unwanted touching. It is never too late to begin steps towards a more positive company culture.

At Marketplace Chaplains we have decades of experience promoting a positive culture providing chaplains to the workplace.

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