“Our Chaplains Connect to People on a Level that is Difficult to Achieve in a Work Environment”

July 14, 2020  |   tagMarketplace Matters

Marketplace Chaplains has served Exacto, Inc., in Sharon, Wisconsin, since 2012. Exacto operates an 85,000 square foot research and manufacturing facility with 51 employees in Sharon, Wisconsin, and also has staff located throughout the US.

Exacto has a people-centric culture governed by core values and their people. Their ownership, Board, CEO and leadership team are all advocates of servant leadership and understand the value of their people. They provide an environment that embraces the talents of each individual and the uniqueness they bring to work every day. That is what makes Exacto thrive.

Donna Fortune, Human Resources Director, implemented a new talent program branded ExacTalent. It is a deliberate and comprehensive recruiting and interviewing process. They provide competitive wages and have generous benefit offerings including Marketplace Chaplains. Donna shares that their chaplains “have brought comfort to many of our employees. They connect to people on a level that is difficult to achieve in a work environment. We want our employees to have access to people outside of our chain of command that give them security to discuss highly confidential and personal information. Our chaplains are both visible and available to our employees. They are part of the Exacto family and are always willing to attend our events and meet our remote employees. Our chaplains fit our culture well.”