Training Academy

Our chaplain training academy is made up of the world’s most experienced team of trainers in corporate chaplaincy.

39 Years of Caregiving Experience

Our dedicated training portal provides wisdom and experience from serving over 5 million hours of Chaplain Service to corporate America. Each chaplain is supported and supervised by a veteran leadership team. Our chaplains benefit from working with policies and procedures developed over our 39-year history of successfully caring for employees and families in companies of all types and sizes.

Chaplain Training Academy Material

Chaplain Education Never Ends

The Academy continuously tracks the latest learning trends, changing workforce challenges and monitors training needs to ensure our content is relevant, innovative and delivers results.

We have generated an extensive library of training videos which facilitate more efficient chaplain education and promote consistency in training.

Training For Every Learning Style

The academy offers more than 200 courses and trains over 2,000 chaplains in 50 states and 9 other countries.

No matter how our chaplains like to learn, the Academy offers learning options for every learning style: onsite, virtual instructor, and self-paced.

MCHAP Web Site Academy Training Sample video

Office of Chaplains

Marketplace Chaplains Academy utilizes an online learning management system. We have a recording studio to make training and marketing/promotional videos. The Academy creates, writes, presents, and delivers over 100 videos yearly for communication purposes and for the ongoing training of our 2,000 chaplains.

Chief of Chaplains Bob Page

Chief of Chaplains
Chaplain, Brigadier General, USAF (Retired) Bobby V. Page

Chaplain Page joined Marketplace Chaplains in August 2022 after an extensive career in the Air Force where he was most recently at the Pentagon as the Air Force Deputy Chief of Chaplains. He assisted in establishing guidance on all matters pertaining to the religious and moral welfare of Air Force personnel and their dependents and directing and maintaining a trained, equipped, and professional Chaplain Corps of more than 2,200 chaplains and chaplain assistants from the active and Air Reserve components. As a member of the Armed Forces Chaplains Board, he and other members advised the Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff on religious, ethical, and quality-of-life concerns.

Deputy Chief of Chaplains
Chaplain (Colonel), USAF (Retired) George Youstra

Deputy Chief of Chaplains George Youstra

Prior to joining Marketplace Chaplains in August 2022, Chaplain Youstra served as the Command Chaplain, United States Special Operations Command. He was the principal and personal staff advisor in areas related to morale, ethics, and spirituality. He also advised on the role and impact of religion in the strategic environment. He served as a key plank holder and integral member of the multidisciplinary team consisting of physical, psychological, spiritual, and social performance. He edited the first ever Special Operations Forces Field Ethics Guide for utilization in the SOCOM formations and the Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Post-vention Workbook & Training Program along with Moral Injury/PTSD training.


Academy Certified Chaplains

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