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Our professional chaplains are called to be workplace caregivers. They are dedicated to supporting the emotional wellness of employees. They have a heart for employees and understand the workplace as they have been there themselves dealing with stress, co-worker and supervisor conflicts, long hours and work dissatisfaction. Our Chaplain Care Teams are fully-trained, managed, held accountable and supported by full-time Leaders.

Our chaplains only perform front-line chaplain work. They are not required to do administrative duties, filling out paperwork, finding new chaplains or asked to help market the service to new companies—they are focused and dedicated to take care of your employees, 24/7!

Our chaplain care utilizes a team approach. Your team of chaplains will consist of male, female and ethnically-diverse chaplains who are either full-time or assignment-based dependent on company locations and number of employees to be served.

Our chaplains see employees as God sees them and are granted permission by company leaders like you to help people move out of ditches, towards a better destination and into better places of influence for themselves, their co-workers, their family and, ultimately, your company!

Chaplain Activities & Services

Chaplain Care Team Activities

Visit employees or immediate family members wherever care can be expressed and help given: hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, family homes or ot... Read More

Worksite Employee Care

Company chaplain services for all employees and immediate family members are available 24/7/365, voluntary, confidential and neutral from company oper... Read More

Worksite Relationships

Make regular visits to the worksite (usually weekly) to interact with employees to build relationships of trust and friendship. Provide 24-hour, 365 d... Read More

MyChap App

All Employees at every company location may download for FREE from the App store the MyChap App which enables 24 hour communication via phone, text, v... Read More

Personal Care

Provide individual, as well as immediate family, confidential chaplain discussions for problem issues including, but not limited to, marriage, divorce... Read More

Support Activities

Draft suggested letters of “Concern,” “Sympathy,” “Appreciation,” and “Congratulations” to employees and immediate family members for ... Read More

Connect Care for Offsite Employees

Company chaplain services for all offsite employees and immediate family members are voluntary, confidential and neutral from company operations. All ... Read More

David Weekley Homes

Quote from an employee in North Carolina from David Weekley Homes, (Awarded Fortune Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For 6 straight years)

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Just the existence of the Chaplain Care Team at David Weekley Homes helps to set the tone for the level of integrity and morals expected from its people. It was one of the items that really ATTRACTED me to David Weekley Homes because it showed me that he had a vested interest in my overall well-being, not just in what I could do for the company.

Pioneer Natural Resources

Larry Paulsen
Senior Vice President
Administration and Risk Management,
Pioneer Natural Resources
3,500 employees

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Marketplace Chaplains is a perfect fit for Pioneer because it backs up our culture- that our employees come first, even ahead of our shareholders because if we have fully engaged employees, our shareholders are the winners. By providing a resource like Marketplace Chaplains to our employees, they have someone they can confidentially share problems with, vent, get solid advice and know that Pioneer cares enough to provide help when talking to their boss is not an option. No one goes through life without problems. Many people have support groups they are plugged into; however, I have been surprised how many people don’t have those support groups and Marketplace Chaplains does an excellent job in filling that void.

Lori Nichols
HR Manager
Pryor, OK
329 employees
(served by Marketplace Chaplains since 2005)

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All companies of our size usually have an employee assistance program. Those programs are great but it’s something where you have to pick up the phone and call someone and set up an appointment. This is on-site. Our employees can reach out and touch the person. It’s personal. They build a relationship with this chaplain and can trust them and tell them what they’re going through.

I believe it is beyond worth the money. You have employees building relationships with these people. Our employees are utilizing them on a daily basis. It’s a friendship, so when they do go through hard times or good times, they’ve got that contact to reach out to right here at AMERICAN Castings.

J.C. Ryan
Chief Operating Officer
ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists
Central Florida
80 Employees
(served by Marketplace Chaplains since 2018)

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Bringing in the Marketplace Chaplain group has made the biggest impact in our business and has been the strongest effort to reach every single person. The Marketplace Chaplains see every single person out on the production floor. They come in at night to meet our night shift group. We have another group that comes in in the afternoon to meet the route men as they’re coming in. We also have somebody who speaks Spanish because a lot of our production floor staff speaks only Spanish. And so, we have both English- and Spanish-speaking chaplains that come in here.

Lauren Vanaman, CCNL, Director of Corporate Services
Trinity Logistics
Seaford, DE
270 team members
(served by Marketplace Chaplains since 2016)

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Marketplace Chaplains is the best resource I can imagine for a company. Providing a Chaplain shows we care. Having that resource ready when an employee goes through a crisis and needs someone, opens the door for them to experience God’s love. When we first began the Chaplain service, it was obvious that this was an awkward transition for our team to consider a workplace Chaplain. However, it didn’t take long to discover that the Chaplains that were assigned to us fit very well into our team and our culture. Now when they walk in the building, they are a ray of sunshine.

Peggy-Maher Daniels, Human Resources Site Manager
Burris Logistics
Elkton, MD
928 Employees
(served by Marketplace Chaplains since 2008)


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Marketplace Chaplains helps me when team members are experiencing sensitive personal situations or tragedy in their lives whereby they need professional counseling or spiritual guidance. The Chaplains assigned to Burris Elkton over the years have been extremely responsive and caring. I continue to receive outstanding feedback from employees.

What Your Chaplain Care Team Will NOT Do

Interfere with the employee work process

Force a conversation or relationship with employees

Judge lifestyle or personal conduct

Report to management regarding employee work habits

Break confidentiality of discussions with employees

Promote a particular religious group or church, preach or proselytize

Accept gifts or gratuities from employees for any service provided

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