the overall Well-Being of your Employees

Every 4 minutes

an employee contacts one of our Chaplains

Lowest Ratio

of Chaplains to Employees

Male, Female

and Ethnically Diverse Chaplain Care Teams

Personalized, Proactive,

24/7, Nationwide Care

Improve Employee

Engagement and Culture

Chris Tomlin will be in Dallas, TX, at Marketplace Chaplains 40th year anniversary

Join us at the Dallas Meyerson Symphony Center as we celebrate 40 years of Marketplace Chaplains and the countless lives that have been impacted by chaplain care.

Experience the power of Chris Tomlin’s award-winning music and a patriotic performance by the inspirational DBU Choir!

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White Paper Series 2 – Employee Well-being: PTSD, Mental Health, and Workplace Chaplaincy

“Resilience over Resignation”

Due to uncertainty, risk, and mental and physical anguish, growing numbers of people have maintained an increased level of anxiety and are feeling the effects of long-term exposure to stress and trauma, or post-traumatic stress.

Post-traumatic stress is a normal response to experiencing a traumatic or stressful event. Most people will show at least a few signs or symptoms as their body responds, but when the symptoms begin to disrupt everyday life, thought patterns, actions, and reactions, it becomes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Having positive and proactive strategies in place, such as the support from a Chaplain Care Team, to combat stress, crises, and uncertainty will help create more resilient and thriving individuals, families, workplaces, and communities—now and in the future. To request a hard copy(ies) of the White Paper, message us your address in the Contact section.

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Employee Care Service

Marketplace Chaplains provides personalized and proactive employee care through the use of dedicated Chaplain Care Teams for each company location. Chaplains are voluntary to use, neutral from company operations, and conversations with them are strictly confidential.

Male, female, and ethnically diverse chaplains are either full time or assignment-based depending on company locations and number of employees served. Our chaplain teams make regularly scheduled work site visits.

Employee Care is NOT a video, a website, an e-book, or a booklet!

How It Works

MCHAP Introduction to  Employee Care Service

Fox Business News Spotlight with MCHAP

Mission Statement

Marketplace Chaplains exists to share God’s love in the workplace by providing an employee care service through Chaplain Teams.

  • Excellent Chaplains
  • Exceptional Care
  • Every Employee


People don’t care who solves their personal problems, they just want their problems solved!

Workplace Chaplain


  1. Part of a designated care team for employees
  2. Available 24/7 for help with life issues and crisis events
    • separate from the company
    • confidential
    • employees choose if, when, where, and what they want to talk about
    • available to all, regardless of background

Core Values

PEOPLE with Exceptional Care


MARKETPLACE with Chaplain Teams

EMPOWERMENT with Quality Training

Professional Chaplain Training Academy

Learn how we train professional workplace chaplains.