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Marketplace Chaplains is the largest and longest continuing provider of workplace chaplains to corporate America today.

Founded in Dallas, Texas, on January 1, 1984, it has expanded every year for the past 30+ years and today serves nearly every state in the country.

Ed Bonneau and Gil Stricklin
Ed Bonneau and
Gil Stricklin – 1984

Founder Gil Stricklin’s visionary leadership and willingness to obey God’s call, along with support and encouragement from his wife Ann, fueled him to persistently present the idea to Dallas-area business leaders for years. Ed Bonneau became the first company leader as soon as he heard about the idea, immediately seeing it as the solution to solving many of his employees’ problems. Gil then became the first chaplain, serving Bonneau’s sunglasses distribution company.

More than 1,500 chaplains now serve from California to Massachusetts, providing personal care for more than 650,000 employees and family members.

Founders Ann and Gil Stricklin
Founders Ann and Gil Stricklin

Our Work is Caring.
Our Care is Working.

Organizational Statistics

Service Model – Worksite visits and 24/7 ResponsePersonalized - Proactive - Voluntary Usage - Confidential
Continuous Growth Every Year for Over 3 DecadesSince 1984
Service Model – founded on U.S. Military Chaplain ModelPersonalized Proactive Voluntary usage Confidential
Chaplains Serving TodayTotal 1527
Total Employees - Patients - Residents and Family Members Currently Cared ForOver 655000
States with Company Locations Currently Served46
Total Companies Currently Served770
Largest Current Company – JBS/Pilgrim’s28637 employees
Smallest Current Company – SDG Investments1
Number of Locations Served this Week2914
An Employee reaches out to a ChaplainEvery 4 Minutes!

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