How Company Chaplains Support Your Employees Wellbeing

July 20, 2021  |   tagChaplaincyMental health

In a world of uncertainty, many people are turning back to spirituality to help guide them. For years, chaplains have assisted people from many different backgrounds to find peace in times of chaos.

What is a Company Chaplain?

Company ChaplainsYou may have heard the term ‘chaplain’ before but may not have been sure about what it meant. Simply put, a chaplain is much like a minister, pastor, or priest. The difference is that a chaplain can provide support to anyone and they can generally be found working within a company or an institution. These include prisons and hospitals. 

A chaplain is there to provide spiritual and wellness support to anyone who may need it, regardless of their religion or spiritual beliefs. This is a highly specialized job that requires chaplain training. In some cases, chaplains need a Masters of Divinity Degree and to be endorsed by a recognized church.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Professional Chaplain Team Services at the Workplace?

A chaplain is an extension of Human Resources but works in a very different way. Chaplains are able to speak to employees in a much more casual way. They can discuss workplace problems and provide mediation between troubled parties. In many cases, they are able to resolve issues before they need to be escalated and turned into formal complaints. A chaplain is also available at all times, not just during work hours. So if an employee needs help, there is always someone to turn to.

The list of benefits that come from having a chaplain is a large one. But the main benefits include a more harmonious workplace, fewer absences due to stress, and it can help reduce employee turnover rates. Your staff will be happier and more productive, which ultimately is better for your business. 

Is it Common to Have a Company Chaplain for Wellbeing in the Workplace?

The benefits of having a chaplain have recently been rediscovered and more companies are choosing to hire them. Although many businesses are not concerned about their employees’ spiritual needs, the psychological impacts that the chaplain can have are far more valuable.

Chaplains are generally not seen as working for your company, they are seen as an outside person who is there to provide care. This allows chaplains to speak freely to employees and help with those difficult decisions that they may not feel comfortable bringing up with HR. they provide a connection that is safe for them to confide in.

Chaplains have a long history of helping those in need, and if you feel that your employees could benefit from some spiritual guidance to help them through any of life’s problems, then it is time to add chaplain care to your benefits package. The MyChap App provides 24/7 access to a dedicated team of chaplains who are ready to help your employees be the best that they can be.

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