Strategic Account Managers and Executive Directors of Operations are on the front-line, responsible for delivering quality and consistent care to the companies we serve nationwide by leading and managing our Chaplain Care Teams.

Strategic Account Managers

image of Steve Hefta

Steve Hefta

Strategic Account Manager
image of Don Smith

Don Smith

Strategic Account Manager
image of Chip Cleary

Chip Cleary

Strategic Account Manager
image of Jerrold Lake

Jerrold Lake

Strategic Account Manager

Operations Headquarters Staff

image of Shane Satterfield

Shane Satterfield

Executive VP of Divisions - Southeast Region
image of Jim Tereschuk

Jim Tereschuk

Executive VP of Divisions - Midwest Region
image of Rachia Green

Rachia Green

Executive VP of Divisions - PacWest Region
image of Charlie Sizemore

Charlie Sizemore

Executive VP of Divisions - South Central Region
image of Roger Haber

Roger Haber

Executive VP of Divisions - Atlantic Region
image of Christine Montelongo

Christine Montelongo

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations
image of Katy Peres

Katy Peres

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations
image of Krissy Owen

Krissy Owen

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations
image of Frankie Cheng

Frankie Cheng

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations

Executive Directors of Operations

image of Tim Isom

Tim Isom

image of Clint Beymer

Clint Beymer

Greater Los Angeles
image of Karen Bobst

Karen Bobst

Pacific Northwest
image of Brad Chinn

Brad Chinn

image of Jeff Rinehart

Jeff Rinehart

Denver/No CO/E WY/MT/SD
image of Samuel Silveous

Samuel Silveous

Southern CO
image of Brian Horner

Brian Horner

Houston 1-East/AK
image of Ron Burton

Ron Burton

Houston 2-Central
image of Julias Rodriguez

Julias Rodriguez

Houston 3-West
image of John Yeates

John Yeates

image of Dan Rainey

Dan Rainey

North Central TX
image of John Gibson

John Gibson

image of Ron Bartoo

Ron Bartoo

Fort Worth, TX
image of Madlin Mangrum

Madlin Mangrum

West TX/NM
image of Tim Lehman

Tim Lehman

image of J.D. Bickle

J.D. Bickle

image of Steve Cook

Steve Cook

Central/East WI
image of Jim Wagoner

Jim Wagoner

image of Aaron Foster

Aaron Foster

IL/St Louis
image of Chris McArthur

Chris McArthur

Chicago Metro
image of Jason Lowe

Jason Lowe

Northern IL
image of Tom Hanlon

Tom Hanlon

image of Randall Whitaker

Randall Whitaker

North FL/South GA
image of Duane Parker

Duane Parker

image of Scott Wyatt

Scott Wyatt

South AL/FL PH
image of David Eaton

David Eaton

South TX
image of Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace

Central Carolinas/VA
image of David Ingram

David Ingram

Carolinas (Southern)
image of Curtis Parker

Curtis Parker

image of Phil Gambill

Phil Gambill

South Metro ATL
image of Brent Spears

Brent Spears

North Metro ATL
image of Ken Phillips

Ken Phillips

North AL/TN
image of Michael John

Michael John

Southern VA/Northern NC
image of Nathan Ertel

Nathan Ertel

W VA/Northern VA
image of Tony Adams

Tony Adams

KY/Northern TN
image of Joe White

Joe White

W Central PA/W MD
image of Ralph Plumley

Ralph Plumley

image of Ranford Lilly

Ranford Lilly

New England/NYC

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