Marketplace Chaplains Provide Needed Relief from Workplace Stress, Employee Staleness

June 13, 2015  |   tagMarketplace Matters

Workers in today’s competitive workplace face a host a challenges, but one of the biggest is growing stale in their current job, a trend many savvy companies are combating with the use of Marketplace Chaplains, America’s original and largest workplace chaplaincy program.

A Gallup Survey poll of The State of the American Workplace showcases the large amount and width of disenfranchisement in the corporate workplace today, showing that 70 percent of U.S. workers say they feel fully disengaged from their workplace. For example, the survey revealed that 54.7 percent of workers in Washington state are “not engaged,” and another 17.5 percent are “actively disengaged” with their jobs.

That’s one of the many reasons why Steve Luse, head of the Chicago-based Luse Companies brought Marketplace Chaplains into his multiple location, family-owned company.

“The chaplains have been a great asset to our company and our many employees,” Luse said. “We have a wide variety of employees and situations and we’ve found having chaplains on site has been a great benefit to assuring they feel valued and appreciated.”

J.T. Turner, President of J.T. Turner Construction with locations all over the Southeast, agree having chaplains has been key to make sure his employees don’t become stale or overcome with stress in their job.

“The Marketplace Chaplains continue to make a positive impact in the lives of our employees and their families, and we are blessed to have them as part of J.T. Turner Construction,” Turner said.

According to a recent story in American Express Open Forum the high end of the liabilities that disengaged employees create amounts to hundreds of billions per year, according to Brian Braudis, a leadership and management consultant. A recent ADP study put the cost at $2,246 per disengaged employee per year.

A new Marketplace Chaplains smartphone application allows employees to connect with their, “designated helpers,” instantaneously through a button on their cell phone as part of the 24/7 benefit of this unique workplace benefit service.

“Everyone needs more hope, help, care, encouragement and simply knowing someone is “in their corner” every second of every day,” said Marketplace Chaplains Founder and Chairman Gil A. Stricklin. “Someone who is not a co-worker, HR, leadership, a family member or connected, but rather someone who is neutral, confidential, always available and ready to just listen without judgment.”

Luse said without Marketplace Chaplains his managers and executives would not know the problems before they expand in the workplace and cause more problems.

“Every week our employees know chaplains will be there on site and to help with their needs and also have the 24/7 access for any problems which can arise,” Luse added.

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