National Care Center Staff – Dallas

image of Jim Tereschuk

Jim Tereschuk

Executive VP of Divisions - Midwest Region
image of Justin Bowles

Justin Bowles

Staff Accountant
image of MaryAnn Bradford

MaryAnn Bradford

Staff Accountant
image of Bridget Bradsher

Bridget Bradsher

Executive Administrative Assistant
image of Terry Bunke

Terry Bunke

Strategic Support Specialist
image of Deb Conway

Deb Conway

IT Director
image of Doug Falt

Doug Falt

Director of Payroll & Benefits
image of Kayla Ferman

Kayla Ferman

Marketing Designer
image of Claudia Kuby

Claudia Kuby

Receptionist/Office Manager
image of Lyndsey Leach

Lyndsey Leach

Financial Controller
image of Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez

Director of IT Infrastructure
image of Bob Luckenbill

Bob Luckenbill

Operations Specialist
image of Matthew Marino

Matthew Marino

Imaging & Studio Specialist
image of Christine Montelongo

Christine Montelongo

Region Analyst
image of Sonia Noriega

Sonia Noriega

HR Assistant
image of Phyllis O’Bier

Phyllis O’Bier

Strategic Accounts Analyst
image of Krissy Owen

Krissy Owen

Region Analyst
image of Angela Ray

Angela Ray

Executive Administrator to the President/CEO & Governing Board
image of Jed Smith

Jed Smith

Chaplain Recruiter

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