National Care Center Staff – Dallas

image of Shane Satterfield

Shane Satterfield

Executive Vice President of Divisions
image of Rachia Green

Rachia Green

Executive Vice President of Divisions
image of Charlie Sizemore

Charlie Sizemore

Executive Vice President of Divisions
image of Jim Tereschuk

Jim Tereschuk

Executive Vice President Strategic Accounts
image of Millicent Poole

Millicent Poole

Executive Director of Training
image of Joan Hayward

Joan Hayward

Executive Director of Church Relations
image of Dan Truitt

Dan Truitt

Vice President of Training
image of Chris Paine

Chris Paine

Director of Railroad Chaplains
image of Marina Brown

Marina Brown

IT Developer
image of Terry Bunke

Terry Bunke

Executive Administrator of Marketing
image of Jessica Cashiola

Jessica Cashiola

Executive Administrative Assistant to Founder & Ministry Ambassador
image of Sam Chacko

Sam Chacko

Staff Accountant
image of Annie Chien

Annie Chien

Payroll Benefits Assistant
image of Marlene Cress

Marlene Cress

Executive Assistant/International & Training Academy
image of Taylor Dang

Taylor Dang

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations
image of Glenda Davis

Glenda Davis

Manager Office Support & Guest Services
image of Doug Falt

Doug Falt

Payroll & Benefits Manager
image of Kayla Ferman

Kayla Ferman

Marketing Specialist
image of Maryann Fisher

Maryann Fisher

Executive Administrator for the Foundation & Office of the President
image of Scott Howard

Scott Howard

IT Support
image of Christine Montelongo

Christine Montelongo

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations
image of Phyllis O’Bier

Phyllis O’Bier

Executive Administrator of Major Companies
image of Ann Poe

Ann Poe

Executive Assistant for Divisional Operations
image of MaryBeth Rauda

MaryBeth Rauda

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations
image of Laressa Reese

Laressa Reese

Division Office Assistant
image of Sean Templeton

Sean Templeton

Recruiting Assistant
image of Finny Varghese

Finny Varghese

IT Support
image of Ruthann Wheeler

Ruthann Wheeler

Office Assistant

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