Find the Top 7 Benefits of Workplace Chaplains

July 11, 2022  |   tagChaplaincy

Chaplains in the workplace are an effective way to offer your employees tangible benefits. More often than not, businesses are missing a key aspect in their environment, which can impact their strength, culture, and engagement. 

What is a chaplain in the workplaceWhat is a chaplain in the workplace?

Workplace chaplains are the key that can equip your organization and its employees with the structures and support they need to thrive. They can do this by working directly with your organization, or alongside HR, to look after the health and wellbeing of your employees in the workplace, and in their personal lives. They offer non-judgemental and impartial support that can open a range of opportunities for your employees, to create a positive and harmonious environment for everyone. You can show your employees they are valued and support their growth by opting for a workplace chaplain. 

How chaplains help people in the workplace

Here are the top 7 support  benefits of workplace chaplains that you need to know. 

#1 Provide personal support

While an employee’s personal life is supposed to be separate from work, it is going to have a major impact on their performance and wellbeing. If someone is struggling with a personal matter, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, conflict, relationship issues, or family matters, a chaplain will be able to help them navigate their circumstances, provide support, and offer resources that will help them. 

#2 Offer referrals 

If your employees or their family members are struggling with any issues, such as drugs, alcohol, or mental health, they can provide specialized referrals and treatment resources to support them through the process or can connect to the company’s EAP or other benefit resources. 

#3 Improve attitude and moral 

Chaplains can work with individuals and teams to help bring them together. Many people are disconnected at work, as they are chained to their desks and spend little time getting to know their colleagues. Chaplains can help improve professional relationships, resolve conflicts and help your employees feel more connected and engaged. In turn, this will help improve the overall attitude and morale in the workplace. 

#4 Improves loyalty 

If employees feel valued and appreciated at work, they are more likely to stay loyal to your business. By offering a workplace chaplain service, you are providing them with the care and support that they need to grow and thrive in work and their personal lives. This is a great gesture to employees to show that you care and reduce a high turnover.  

#5 Increases productivity 

When employees are happier, when their personal and professional relationships are good, and they can collaborate effectively in their teams, they are going to work much more efficiently. This will increase productivity in the workplace and boost the growth of the business. Workplace chaplains can help the communication in the workplace flow seamlessly and improve the way employees work. 

#6 Develops wellness 

Overall wellness is important for people to live a balanced, and happier life. However, this can be difficult without the right tools and knowledge, and not many people have the time to learn as they work full time and have busy lives. When you work with a chaplain, they will be able to nurture your employees and help them take responsibility for their wellness and improve their quality of life. 

#7 Grows the business

When employees are happy, healthy, working well together, feeling valued, and committed to your company, your business will soar. This benefits your business, as well as your employees, as they can feel good knowing they can contribute to its growth. As the business grows, so do its opportunities. 

Workplace chaplains are a great addition to all businesses and can provide essential support. 

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