How Important Are Chaplains for Workplace Mental Health Care?

July 7, 2021  |   tagChaplaincyMental health

managing mental health in the workplaceIt is believed that around 1 in 4 adults suffers from a mental health condition. This mental health crisis is growing all the time as people suffer from stress, anxiety disorders, and emotional pain. As an employer, you want the best for your employees. They should thrive while working for you, but sometimes this isn’t possible. Barriers have been put up in society that prevent us from talking about our problems. And this is how a company chaplain can benefit you.

What is a Chaplain Trained in?

Chaplains are trained to handle various situations and provide care to a variety of different people. There are over 85 different courses in which our chaplains are trained, and this knowledge base is constantly expanding. All of the training which our chaplains receive is based on 37 years of experience. We are constantly working to upgrade the training available to our chaplains, ensuring that they are able to provide the highest quality care.

How They Care

Because of the extensive training that a chaplain receives, they are uniquely qualified to help assist with mental health issues that can arise in the workplace. Even if an employee doesn’t suffer from mental health issues, over 90% of people believe that a system should be in place to help employees if they need it. Unfortunately, the existing systems that are set up work against the employee. 

Many employees are afraid to go to HR with any issues that they have in case it makes matters worse, or they are fired for speaking up. Unfortunately, we know that this has occurred in many different companies, so it is not surprising that people are afraid to speak up. A chaplain is separate from the company so employees are more likely to speak their minds. This freedom to speak without consequences is often all they need. A safe space to vent their concerns without the fear of being punished or embarrassed.

Health Care at the Office

Ensuring a healthy environment for your employees is probably one of your top priorities. In recent years, employers are understanding the importance of ensuring that the work environment is healthy physically and mentally for their employees. Absence due to mental health issues causes around 300,000 people to leave their jobs every year. Working with a chaplain can help reduce the number of employee absences in your workplace, and help you to hold on to your employees for longer. This benefits both you and your employees, providing a stable environment for everyone involved.

There are many benefits to having a chaplain working with your company, and mental health is a hot topic now for many companies. By providing your staff with a judgment-free space to share their worries, you will be contributing to the new wave of understanding and commitment to a happy work environment. Our mental health and spiritual needs are often interlinked, and we are happy to guide people through any of their problems.

At Marketplace Chaplains we have decades of experience providing chaplains to the workplace. If you would like more information on how our chaplain services would be a great addition to your company, please contact us today at 1-800-775-7657.