Tips on How to Improve Employee Engagement

May 11, 2022  |   tagEmployee Engagement

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how to improve employee engagement, you’re in luck.

In this post, we run through some of our best tips to get employees motivated and pumped up about working for you and your business.

Check them out below.

Recognize Staff Contributions Loud And Clear

EngagementThe vast majority of companies start out with staff willing to work hard to add value to the team. However, things take a turn for the worse when managers and senior colleagues fail to recognize the efforts of individual team members. Staff can become disgruntled, even cynical.

To prevent this, always lavish praises on your team loud and clear. If workers stay overtime to complete a project before a deadline, thank them for doing so. If a star performer goes above and beyond in helping a customer, praise them for their efforts. Also, consider formal rewards ceremonies where you can publicly show your staff gratitude for all the effort they put in. 

Listen To Your Employees

The days of getting your employees to fill out an anonymous work survey every six months are long gone. Thanks to the “Great Resignation” (fast becoming the “Great Renegotiation”), workers demand regular attention from senior managers, and they expect them to meet their needs quickly. 

The trick here is to develop tools to listen to your colleagues more effectively. Consider a combination of both formal and informal check-in strategies. Make it clear that any member of the team can approach management with any issue, at any time of the week. 

Offer Chaplains for Employees

Employees can sometimes feel disengaged if they feel that there is nowhere they can go to discuss their problems. For this reason, more companies are offering chaplains. These are trained professionals who take a neutral stance on business operations and offer strictly confidential conversations with staff. Members of your team can get pressing issues off their chests, freeing up more energy for work.

Provide More Meaningful Work

Asking an intern to make coffee for the team is a cliché. But many employees wind up performing dull tasks, day-in, day-out, that lack meaning and impact. 

To improve employee engagement, companies need to better communicate their mission, purpose, and strategic objectives to workers. Even if a member of staff is blindly typing data into a spreadsheet, they should understand the broader picture, explaining why their efforts are so valuable. 

To this end, managers and executives should communicate the company’s purpose regularly, in a way that is meaningful and motivating for staff. Each member of the team needs to feel as though they are doing good in the world. 

Assign Everyone To The Right Role

Lastly, it can be tempting to assume that an employee who is competent in one role will excel in another. However, that isn’t always the case. Competency is often domain-specific. For instance, you might have an exceptional salesperson on your team, but they could make a lousy manager. 

To avoid customer service and employee engagement issues, put everyone in their proper role. If you want to promote internally, evaluate the capacity of the person to perform their new job, not their current one. 

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