How to Boost Employee Engagement

March 5, 2021  |   tagEmployee EngagementMental health

how to increase employee engagementIt can be hard to keep a business running successfully when your team runs well below its capabilities. There can be a few reasons that an employee falls behind or is slow in their work or becomes disillusioned with their everyday tasks. 

It is essential to understand what can impact a person’s passion for work. 

Here are factors to consider:

  • Fair pay
  • Learning within the work
  • Cultural diversity
  • Honesty 
  • Inspiration
  • Autonomy
  • Communication
  • Career development
  • Flexibility

So what can be done?

The environment that people work in should be clean, respectful, and cater to the team’s needs. When a workplace is uncomfortable, it can be hard to get work completed to the best of the team’s ability. 

Try to ensure your environment is conducive to the work that needs to get done and the staff feels comfortable. 


Being culturally inclusive can have a significant impact on your team. Your team members will feel like they belong, and a sense of belonging is a critical factor in being happy in their workplace. Factor in the needs of your team. 

Offering prayer rooms, a Chaplain, and respecting cultural requirements can make a huge difference to employee productivity. 

Aiming for a people-first cultural approach will encourage your team to reach a healthy work-life balance. 

Aim to foster a workplace that makes people feel included, supported, and heard. 

Team Gratitude

Far too many workplaces take the work done for granted. A lot of mental, physical, and emotional energy go into producing great work. 

If that great work often goes unnoticed, then you will have a team that does the minimum. 

Telling someone that they have produced good work or that you appreciate the work they have done will encourage them to do more. 

Not simply for the praise, but because they have their confidence raised. 

No one is ever too busy to appreciate the work of others. 

Increase Goals

When the goals you set are clear, they are easier to reach. Each employee likely has a good indicator of what their responsibilities are, but how clear are the overall goals? 

Keep the company goals clear and make sure that you check in with your team every few months to make sure they know what their personal job role goals are. 

You can extend this further and ask what their own career goals are and see how you can facilitate that within your company.


Within every role, there is always more to know and understand. Offer, where possible, your team the opportunity to learn more. Providing training opportunities increases the skill levels and confidence within your team

When skills and confidence are raised, so is their engagement in work and their productivity tool. The pride they feel about a job well done benefits them as well as the company. Company loyalty is increased as they take pride in their own particular contribution to the total picture. 

Fostering a positive relationship with your team and promoting a healthy work-life balance will motivate your team to give their all during work time. 

Authentic relationships and appreciation of the work done will also go a long way in encouraging their best. 

Boosting company engagement is about gathering feedback, acting on it, and mutual respect. 

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