Suicide Prevention Information: Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

May 10, 2021  |   tagMental healthSuicide Prevention

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Ensuring your employees feel understood and supported as much as possible is key to modern productivity in a working environment. Moreover, a project such as suicide prevention is something that can very much be undertaken when at work, and can be something that you spearhead as an organization.

After all, we can look out for each other, and we don’t have to leave our employees to manage the stresses in their lives all on their own. By ensuring the right strategies are in place in the workplace, we can serve the whole person benefitting both the employee and the company. And to manage all of this, you’ve got to ensure you have the right strategies in place. Let’s go into a little more detail surrounding such methods below.

Employee History Awareness

This first point is very much the starting line, in terms of strategies for mental health in the workplace, as knowing who might need help and when allows you to put further methods and resources in the right places. To improve your awareness from the offset, implement a full, open-door policy.

If you’re aware of what an employee has experienced in the past, either in professional or personal fields, you can far more accurately offer time and support to them, especially during busy periods of the year. It’s a form of emotional intelligence; being able to both listen and talk openly in the workplace matters and should be something employees feel free to do.

Suicide Intervention Strategies & Training

When it comes to maintaining and preserving good workplace mental health, training for select members of staff will definitely go a long way to both catching potential suicide cases early, and also preventing them from arising in the first place. Such training can exist in many forms, so be sure to look into local providers near you.

But who should undergo a mental health training course like this? Be sure to sign up those who have proved they are good listeners and have good interpersonal relationships with other employees around the workplace. Of course, ensure they’re ready to take on training like this – put out an open call for volunteers, if need be, and make no secret of the need for such a course in the modern workplace.

Chaplain Services and Resources

Another great way to input workplace strategies for mental health is via chaplain services. If you’re a company with limited resources, or you have little time left in your schedule to input a proper training program, an employee care service like this can be a saving grace.

Chaplain services can step in when you can’t, and offer the time and support you simply cannot, no matter how much you want to. It’s an effective way to outsource, for the good of your staff body’s mental health, and could be well worth the money if you’re worried about one or two members of your team.

There are plenty of responsibilities a modern employer holds in the workplace, but ensuring your employees are able to prioritize their mental health is one of the most important. Suicide prevention can start in the workplace, and make a real difference in someone’s life.