Supporting the Well-Being of Your Employees

December 26, 2022  |   tagEmployee Engagement

how to improve employee moraleSupporting your employees’ well-being is critical if you want your organization to be successful. Companies that foster emotionally healthy environments tend to be more productive, creative, and innovative. That’s because humans flourish in the right environment. 

Unfortunately, though, many organizations don’t understand how to promote team well-being in the workplace. They may not have any employee well-being initiatives at all. 

However, small changes can make all the difference. The little things enable employees to thrive, not big bonuses. 

Here are some great strategies your organization can use to support employees’ well-being and improve overall team performance.

Communicate More Effectively 

Employees can sometimes go for months without effective or comprehensive communication from management. Lack of feedback leaves them feeling “out at sea” and cast adrift. 

Therefore, communicate with your employees regularly. Ensure they do not lose faith in their abilities. Ask them if they work in a comfortable environment and have a manageable workload. Check they have a reasonable work-life balance and if they are content with where they are in their careers. Delve deeply to uncover hidden issues and work to resolve them before your turnover rate increases. 

Recognize Achievement and Focus

Some staff members are okay working alone for years on end with no recognition, but these individuals are rare. Most workers feel they go above and beyond the call of duty and want management to thank them. 

Therefore, make a habit of giving recognition at all levels in your organization. Enshrine it as a part of company culture, getting the middle management onboard with the practice, too. Always applaud great staff who go the extra mile and celebrate their efforts publicly. 

Offer Flexible Working Support

Employees don’t like working to fixed timetables. It puts considerable restraints on how they can live their lives and organize their time. 

Therefore, always offer flexible working. Give workers a choice over when and how they work. Don’t insist everyone arrives at the office at 9 AM unless it is essential for the services you provide. A morning start isn’t convenient for most people. 

Flexible working may increase the happiness and health of your colleagues. Lower stress and greater time flexibility give them options they didn’t have before. 

Encourage Your Staff with More Social Interactions

With the rise of remote and hybrid working, social interactions are declining. Workers aren’t talking to each other as much as they used to, affecting their well-being negatively. 

Therefore, employees should seek ways to encourage more social interactions. Look for opportunities to boost team relationships and get people talking to each other. Colleagues with a network of friends at work are much more likely to feel supported and stay. 

Offer Company Chaplains

Lastly, you might want to offer chaplains. These professionals provide a sympathetic and confidential service to struggling employees. Staff can discuss work issues with them without worrying about what their colleagues or managers might think. Chaplains help employees manage emotional problems and move past stumbling blocks in their careers. They’re an excellent low-cost method for improving overall morale in the office. 

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