Suicide Prevention & Mental Health in the Workplace

February 19, 2021  |   tagMental healthSuicide Prevention

Preventing Suicide & Mental Health in the WorkplaceSuicide is a very serious topic and one that is uncomfortable for most of us to talk about. You may know someone personally who has committed suicide or struggle with suicidal thoughts yourself. For employers, suicide is a topic that needs to be addressed in order to save lives and assist the struggling and vulnerable.

Employer Environments Are Not Prepared

The burden of suicide is carried by those between the age of 24- and 64-years-old, which is the working-age population. A lot of work environments are not prepared when it comes to assisting employees who are having trouble with suicidal thoughts. As a business owner, it is important that you are doing all you can to assist with mental health within the workplace. You cannot guarantee that you are going to be able to prevent suicide, but you can ensure that there are measures in place to help those who are battling such thoughts.

Suicide Prevention 

Many organizations and businesses are collaborating effectively to develop tools that can help employers in such situations. We are seeing an increasing number of resources become available, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of them. Information sheets on the role of co-workers and managers in suicide prevention are very important and provide fundamental details that can help employees and managers to recognize individuals who may be at risk so that they can respond effectively.

Mental Health at the Office

One of the most important things to do to support mental health within the workplace is to create a safe environment. In many cases, workers are fearful or ashamed to mention to anyone that they are struggling or need help. A lot of problems go unnoticed. As an employer, it is important to work on creating an environment whereby all of your employees know that mental health is considered just as vital as physical health and that it will be treated in the same manner. Your employees should feel confident that they are not going to be discriminated against for struggling with mental health issues.

Wellness Advocate

Another tip when it comes to preventing suicide and supporting workers with mental health issues is to invest in wellness programs. These programs are widely considered effective tools when it comes to mental health support and management. From counseling to debt advice, these programs are designed to assist individuals with problems they may be experiencing that are causing them to feel suicidal. Simply having these programs available for your workforce can make a huge difference.

To conclude, suicide is a lot more common than people may initially realize. Mental health issues are escalating. We all need to work together to help those with mental health problems. Use the advice provided in this post and the resources that are available to you to help individuals in your work environment who are struggling with mental health issues.

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