Mental Health and Moral Injury

May 6, 2024  |   tagGeneral

Whte Paper Series 3

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“Improving Your Employees Well-Being through Practical Applications and Chaplaincy to Relieve Distress”

Mental health awareness in the workplace continues to rise. Besides PTS and PTSD, we are now beginning to understand more about Moral Injury. Moral injury is a battle that can affect employees while at work. Oftentimes, they cannot pinpoint the source of their deep hurt, anger, or pain and become incredibly frustrated—longing to find relief or remedy. Most are also too embarrassed to tell a co-worker, family member, HR, or call a 1-800-number.

Our team of subject matter experts has collaborated with other professionals in the field to bring you a deeper understanding of the causes of moral injury and how to proactively combat the symptoms with the help of a Chaplain Care Team. We strive to help people identify, understand, and work through their pain and frustration with practical coping skills. This helps them heal from and process moral injury, getting them back on the road to a thriving life—at work and at home!

Marketplace Chaplains is honored to serve and walk alongside employees in today’s turbulent workplaces. We hope these white paper have been invaluable to you as we seek to partner in taking car of your company’s number one asset—employees and their family members.

Jason Brown

President and CEO