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Your company’s specifically assigned Chaplain Care Team is comprised of uniquely qualified and dedicated male, female and ethnically diverse Chaplains who make regular worksite visits and are available 24/7 for your employees. Your Care Team is supported by over 1,600 other trained and experienced Marketplace Chaplains in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, for additional care to your employees’ families, traveling personnel, your customers or suppliers.

Marketplace Chaplains’ proven approach of a customized Care Team provides deeper relationships and increased usage by relating to more people on different levels. A Chaplain Care Team provides an array of personalities where language and cultural differences are mitigated. It also ensures continuous coverage and the ability to simultaneously respond to any situation or crisis including multiple locations. Worksites with multiple shifts, local or distant hospitals, and family homes in another state are seamlessly coordinated by your Chaplain Care Team to provide enveloping care.

Your Chaplains, already bringing a breadth of education and experience, are then further prepared by our in-house Training Academy for their role in today’s challenging workplace environment. Our Marketplace Chaplains Academy utilizes the most current LMS and micro-learning techniques and applications. Your Chaplain Care Team will be immersed in your company’s policies, safety guidelines and culture. They are constantly mentored and are regularly engaged in our continuing education classes.

Marketplace Chaplains’ CIPs (Continual Improvement Processes), management and accountability systems, performance metrics and dashboard analytics produced by our DCP (Digital Care Platform), a custom app for Chaplain activity entry, and professional approval processes guarantee consistency of training, service deliverables at each of your locations, and quality reports to your leadership team.

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