Marketplace Chaplains Serve Top Places to Work Winners Again

December 3, 2016  |   tagMarketplace Matters

For the second year in a row, several Marketplace Chaplains-served companies scored high marks in the prestigious Dallas Morning News’ “Best Places to Work” and Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” surveys. Marketplace Chaplains is America’s original, largest and leading workplace chaplaincy organization offering a personalized and proactive Employee Care Service with over 50% usage rates by employees.

The annual satisfaction surveys ask employees and company executives what makes their companies employee friendly. For the second year in a row, both Pioneer Natural Resources, based in Irving, Texas, and Publishing Concepts LP, based in Dallas, were labeled the best places to work for Large Companies and Midsize Companies, respectively.

Pioneer has made the prestigious Dallas Morning News list every year and the top three each year since beginning Marketplace Chaplains services in 2012. The chaplains not only serve in the company headquarters but also throughout the field offices in the ever-changing oil and gas industry. “Pioneer encourages individual input, values our families, maintains a high moral presence and trusts its employees to do their very best,” said one Pioneer employee.

Publishing Concepts CEO Drew Clancy, a third generational leader of the family-owned company, signed up with Marketplace Chaplains in May 2016 and has seen benefits since. “We at PCI are big fans of Marketplace Chaplains. Our business strategy at PCI is based on Happy Associates = Happy Clients. The Marketplace Chaplains service provides a great resource for our associates to be able to work in a confidential manner with one of our chaplains when challenges arise in their lives.”

The Fortune survey, “100 Best Companies to Work For,” summarized Texas company rankings in “The 10 Best Workplaces in Texas.” David Weekley Homes is ranked No. 3 in Texas and 17th nationally. Hilcorp ranks No. 5 in Texas and 22nd nationally. Both companies have been with Marketplace Chaplains for more than a decade. “Having a company chaplain as part of our operation sets an ethical tone for our entire organization,” said one David Weekley employee.

Like Pioneer, Hilcorp is deeply involved in the oil and gas industry and has field offices spread throughout the country. When Hilcorp expanded to Alaska, Marketplace Chaplains journeyed to the remote location to seek out the needs of employees and family members. Hilcorp CEO Jeff Hildebrand said he works hard to provide a family atmosphere at the company, sponsoring employee contests and trips and considers Marketplace Chaplains a key part of his employee benefits.

“Chaplains are more than value-added to a company’s offering of employee services,” says Marketplace Executive President and CEO Doug Fagerstrom. “Every day a chaplain meets company employees, there is a corporate sense of well-being, individual support and a deeper level of personal care that cannot be provided in any other way.”

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