How to Address Mental Health in the Workplace

August 24, 2022  |   tagEmployee HealthMental health

As more studies have taken place, they have shown how important mental health is in the workplace and why it is important for employers to look out for their employees and address mental health issues. 

employee health in the workplaceEvery company should be looking out for their employees and have systems in place within their company to help people when they are suffering from low mental health – this could be yourself included. Some of these systems could include raising awareness about mental health, having things in place so that they know where to go when suffering from mental health, and implementing healthy mental health policies. 

Below we look more into helping address mental health in the workplace

Raise awareness about mental health

Instead of turning a blind eye and pretending mental health isn’t a thing, do the opposite. Make sure mental health is at the forefront of your business. Make sure your employers know as much as they can about mental health and continue to raise awareness among new recruits. The more people know about mental health, the more confident they will be in reaching out and talking about it. Create a positive environment about mental health, this way your employees can spot the signs if someone is struggling and try and help them. 

Implement positive mental health practices within your business 

As well as raising awareness about mental health, you could go a step further and make sure you are implementing positive mental health practices within your business. These could include things like making sure employees don’t stay in the office too late, setting achievable targets to reduce stress, and giving them plenty of holidays so that they can spend time relaxing and recharging their batteries. If you are not following positive mental health practices, you will find your staff burn out more quickly, more staff illness, and your staff turnover is high as they do not enjoy working with your company. 

Ask professionals like the Chaplain care team to help

If you want to really support your employees, then turn to professionals like the Chaplain care team to help. Their team can offer worksite visits to speak to your employees face to face, offsite visits & care so that your employees can reach out and speak in a safe space and environment as well as an application that you can use on your mobile phone or tablet to reach out at any point. With years of experience, the team at Marketplace Chaplains can help you implement the best practices to help address mental health in the workplace. The sooner you reach out, the quicker we will be able to come in and help your team feel their best as well as perform their best due to positive mental health. 

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