How to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

September 13, 2021  |   tagMental health

how to improve employee mental healthIf there is one topic that continues to be a huge obstacle in workplaces across the US, it’s mental health. Understanding mental illness is difficult enough when you’re in it, but if you are leading a team you need to understand what it could be like for your employees to manage it. Anxiety and depression are a huge factor in lost productivity, but if you are the type of employer who cares about how to improve health in the office, your staff will be happier as a result.

Given the amount of time that people spend in the workplace, it makes sense to incorporate as many strategies for health and wellbeing as possible. Understanding how to improve employee mental health starts with asking your staff what they need. You can’t assume that you know how someone else would respond to mental health support. Instead, you can ask them for help and then take these strategies for how to improve employee mental health on board.

1. Self-education is important

Before you can do anything, you need to read some resources for learning about mental health. This includes how you can recognize it and how you can prevent any serious complications in the workplace because of it. If you ensure that you are communicating with other managers in your business about mental health, you will be able to continue to educate yourself on the best mental health support you could offer. Keeping mental health as an open discussion is important in the workplace, too.

2. Hire the right support help

You are not a mental health expert, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t hire one. From a company therapist to a workplace chaplain, you can ensure that your employees are supported when they need to be. If you have employees who would prefer to talk to someone on particularly difficult days, you can provide that service. This will help them to improve their mental health and wellbeing as well as know you as a caring employer looking out for their best interests.

3. Keep an emphasis on nutrition and health

Consider supplying fresh water, free fruit, veggies, and a weekly lunch is important for the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. Food has an impact on how our brains work, and if you provide your employees with the right foods throughout the week, you can encourage a healthy brain. Yes, it will come from your business budget, but this is just one perk you want to consider spending money on!

4. Recognize good effort

People respond well when their employer points out that they are doing a good job. Sure, there is a level of expectation for a job well done, but that recognition of hard work really does make a difference to your staff. Recognize the effort that your employees are going to make and make sure that you are speaking up about it. Showing gratitude makes a big difference to the mood of the employee you’re talking to, and it makes people feel more motivated – which leads to better productivity.

Incorporating improvements to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace will boost your business, so why not implement some of these today?

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