How a Marketplace Chaplain Will Help Your Company Grow

December 15, 2021  |   tagChaplaincyCompany Productivity

Every business owner seeks to unlock more from their organization regarding efficiency and productivity to spur company growth. These entrepreneurs often adopt numerous strategies to achieve this. Sadly, many businesses overlook their employees, arguably their most essential assets, when planning for growth. However, your workers are the engine that can make or break your company, so it makes sense to invest in them as much as possible. Thankfully, marketplace chaplains are a key resource you can offer your workers to provide support. Here are some insights into how a marketplace chaplain can help your company grow.

Retain Your Best 

ideas for company growthWorkers don’t have to encounter workplace trials to struggle at the office. Your employees bring their worries from home to work, negatively affecting them and your company. They may be anxious about a sick child, dealing with grief, battling addiction, undergoing a messy divorce, or going through another challenging situation. A marketplace chaplain can help your workforce navigate these issues by lending a listening ear and offering advice. Therefore, your workers will feel supported at work, increasing their desire to remain at your organization. You will retain some of your best employees who can help your company achieve its goals.

Reduce The Frequency Of  Absenteeism

Hiring a marketplace chaplain is one of the best ideas for company growth because it can lower how often employees don’t show up to work. Workers undergoing challenging issues are constantly stressed and will need more days off to cope with their situations better. This absenteeism affects productivity levels and can damage your company’s growth prospects in the long run. However, a marketplace chaplain can offer support to workers and resolve issues quickly, lowering stress levels and reducing the number of days your employees take off work.

Create A More Engaged Environment

It is no secret that workers’ presence at the office alone is not enough to guarantee productivity. Your staff must be highly engaged in what they are doing to be productive. Marketplace chaplains can help your company grow by making your workforce more engaged in what they are doing. These chaplains can prevent presenteeism, which is the practice of attending work despite illness, anxiety, or injury, resulting in massive productivity losses. Instead, marketplace chaplains can ensure that all of your staff that show up to work are present in a way that adds value to your business. This way, your staff will be more engaged and more productive at work for a long period, setting a solid foundation for sustained company growth.

How To Choose The Best Chaplains As Your Employee Care Service?

During your search for chaplains, ensure that the professionals constitute a dedicated care team for workers. Marketplace Chaplains, for example, offer 24-7 help with crisis events and life issues. These services are confidential, separate from the company, and accessible to all. Also, we deliver our services through worksite visits, offsite visits, and connect care which employees from various organizations find very supportive and convenient.

At Marketplace Chaplains we have experience in improving company growth, workplace events and would love to help.

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