How the Right Chaplain Can Impact Your Company’s Productivity

August 5, 2021  |   tagCompany Productivity

All business owners are looking to unlock more from their business in terms of efficiency and productivity. There are a lot of different ways you can go about this, and one option that you should certainly consider is the use of chaplains. Below, we will take a look at how chaplains can benefit your company in terms of efficiency and productivity. 

company efficiency & productivityWhat is a corporate chaplain?

Before we take a look at the different ways that a corporate chaplain can boost productivity, it is vital to explain what this is. A chaplain is much like a priest, pastor, or minister. However, the difference is that a chaplain is able to offer support for anyone, and this is why they are often found working within different organizations and companies. A chaplain will provide wellness and spiritual support for anyone who requires it, irrespective of their spiritual or religious beliefs. 

How do chaplains help to promote a more productive company?

There are a number of different ways that chaplains can help your business team to be more productive, including the following:

  • Promote happiness amongst your employees – A happy workforce is a productive workforce. By providing mediation and helping workplace issues to be resolved before they escalate, chaplains can ensure that the morale and overall feel within the workplace is a positive one. This is important because if there are frustrations and irritations within the workplace people will not work to the highest levels.
  • Reduce the number of absences within the workplace – This leads on from the former point, i.e. about chaplains being there to support workers and quickly resolve any issues. This can lower stress levels and reduce the number of days that employees take off work. After all, let’s be honest; you are never going to attain peak levels of productivity if you are facing high absenteeism all of the time
  • Increased safety – We also need to consider the fact that chaplains can increase workplace safety. This is especially important for employers that are driving or operating heavy machinery. When such individuals feel stressed, their mind is distracted, and this is often how injuries and accidents happen. Providing a pressure relief valve can be more important than you realize when it comes to keeping everyone safe, which, of course, has a direct impact on productivity levels. 
  • Create a more engaged workplace – Chaplains also bring the benefit of a workplace that is more engaged in what they are doing. Presenteeism will also be prevented, which is the practice of attending work despite anxiety, injury, or illness, which results in huge productivity losses for businesses. Instead, chaplains can help to make sure that all of your workers show up and they are present in a way that brings value to your business. 

So there you have it: a number of different ways you can boost productivity at your business with a chaplain. From being more focused to less time off work, it is not difficult to see why this is something you should consider for your business.

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