Corporate Chaplains Help Companies with Workplace Crises All Over the Country

August 28, 2012  |   tagGeneral

A strong workplace chaplain presence during times of extraordinary corporate crises has been a calming influence for several nationwide companies in recent traumatic events.

From a terrifying theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, to a house explosion in Central Texas and hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, Marketplace Chaplains USA has played dynamic roles around the clock and many client companies are further realizing why Marketplace Chaplains is seen “must have” employee benefit by many executives.

There are more than 2,700 Marketplace Chaplains serving in 2,778 client company locations in 44 states, 933 cities and 4 others countries and 1 Commonwealth.

“I was so pleased with the immediate response of our chaplain team,” said Chrystalla Larson, Owner of C&L Water Solutions in nearby Littleton, CO.

“When one of my employees learned that her close friend died in the tragic shooting, I called my chaplain right away. Even though she was out of town she sent another chaplain who came immediately and spent a long time with my employee helping her process her grief.”

After 12 were killed and dozens injured at the mass shooting, Marketplace Chaplains helped to support the grieving employees at 3 client companies and have helped and continue to help a half dozen of their employees who were affected by this unexpected act.

“We had other chaplains calling later and continuing to follow up with this. It was very helpful for our company,” continued Larson.

“Even though this tragic event didn’t happen in their actual workplace, it affected so many of those who do work there, that the fact chaplains were able to follow up in these most tragic of situations even outside of the workplace, demonstrates the level of care, compassion and support chaplains are able to provide no matter how seemingly miniscule or dramatic a situation may be,” said Coy Wylie, Marketplace Chaplains’ area Division Director.

In Central Texas, just outside of Waco, the chaplain crisis at hand was a house explosion where household members were in the home during the time of the explosion and suffered severe burns and other serious complications.  “This was such a big crisis in our family that it affected everyone,” said Susan Young, an assistant manager of Taco Bell (who uses Marketplace Chaplains services) in nearby Lacy Lakeview, Texas.

“Three of my family members were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital Burn Center in Dallas, and Marketplace Chaplains have been there every day since giving much needed support and care to my family. All I can say is ‘thanks,’ for this important benefit my company provided. I don’t know where I would be without it,” said Young.

When devastating hurricanes struck the Texas Gulf Coast, several companies using Marketplace Chaplains were directly impacted.

“Nearly every one of our employees were greatly affected,” said former company president of American Valve & Hydrant, Dalton Babineaux.  I saw the chaplains talking to employees and know that helped them greatly. Their involvement was very important to the company.”

Houston’s Hilcorp Energy Company, who has many employees spread across the Gulf Coast, saw the need for chaplain care during unexpected hurricane tragedies as well. “Through these ordeals, it shows our people come first, property second and production third,” said former, Executive Vice President of Exploitation Tommy Porter.

“It doesn’t matter if the company is large or small, most any crisis is almost always unexpected and sudden, and trained and caring Marketplace Chaplains have proven to benefit the company’s bottom-line, top-line, their employees and their family members,” said Marketplace Chaplains’ President & COO Dick De Witt.