Chaplain Support Activities

  • When appropriate, chaplains will draft suggested letters of “Concern,” “Sympathy,” “Appreciation” and “Congratulation” to employees and immediate family members for the signature of the company President, CEO or other designated executive leader.
  • Company Chaplains will write articles of interest for company publications, as requested by management.
  • At company request, Marketplace Chaplains will advise leadership on matters of religion, morals, ethics and morale as Corporate Chaplains Support Activitiesthey impact individuals in the workforce and the company as a whole.
  • Chaplains will speak at in-house or outside events, as requested by management.
  • Chaplains will provide, as appropriate, self-improvement materials (books, pamphlets, tracts) to help employees and immediate family members deal with specific issues/problems and provide principles for successful and happy living, at no additional expense to the company or individual employees.
  • At company request, chaplains will serve on the Death and Serious Injury Notification team to families of employees killed or injured in job-related accidents or who die of natural causes while on the job.
  • When requested, chaplains will represent the company to their clients or suppliers as the Company Chaplain.
  • Chaplains will participate in new employee orientations to explain the Employee Care Program and the role of the Chaplain Care Team.
  • Chaplains will respond positively and expediently to other duties and services requested by the executive leadership of the company.