Employee Letters

Below is an email from an employee to the President of a Company that uses a Chaplain Care Team from Marketplace Chaplains USA.

Subject: Thank You


I just wanted to thank you for everything. Nothing in particular to thank you for. I just feel I needed to tell you this. I’m thankful for you and for _____ and for my job. ____ has been really good to me. Everyone here has been great to me in my situation. I know I haven’t been myself lately but I know I’m getting stronger and stronger everyday. I have to be that way for my daughter and myself. I have asked ____(chaplain) to spend some time with _____ to help her in our situation. I appreciate that you can offer us some help in our personal lives and I plan to use it as much as I can. _______ has agreed to see my daughter in my home. I think that is SO cool and I never would of thought that was a option. But she said it was and again ____, Thank you for caring about your employees and our well being outside of the work place. Thank you for being you.

Thank you,

What an employee of a company utilizing a Chaplain Care Team wrote to their supervisor:

My care team members have been a big part of our network of support as we work through the transition for my mother-in-law to come and live with us. My care team members have been talking to me for the past several months and have helped me overcome the challenges. [One MCT Member] met with me and my husband outside of the office to offer support and guidance every step of the way. She has visited my mother-in-law at home and been a great source of support and caring for my family throughout the past several weeks and months. [This MCT Member] has been with me, holding my hand, every step of the way, and even called us at home yesterday to check in and make sure we were doing well with the transition. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping us through this transition. Thank you for providing the _____ Care Team as a benefit to the employees.

Below is a letter the VP of HR from a Marketplace Chaplains client company received from an employee highlighting the invaluable and long-lasting impression a Chaplain Care Team will provide.

Hi Sharon,

Today is my last day with ___________ and I didn’t want to leave without telling you all about my appreciation for one of our company’s best benefits, the _______ Chaplain Care Team. My father passed away last December and my mom has been near death this year. The ability to call a chaplain and receive support both here and in Midland, Tx has made a huge difference. On several occasions ______ was there when my home church didn’t meet this need. Just having someone come to the hospital or my home as needed, and pray with me and my family has truly been a gift from God to me which _______ has provided.

This one benefit alone is a big reason that I will come back to ______ in a heart-beat when business picks up.

Thanks for everything,