Reflections from a Chaplain during COVID-19

April 7, 2020  |   tagGeneral

Chaplain James Smith from Colorado prepares for manufacturing plant work site visit

While visiting manufacturing plants today as a chaplain, I observed three things:

  1. There is real courage on the part of most of the employees
  2. These weekend workers are grateful for their jobs
  3. Many were thankful I was there

I am so impressed by the grit and courage shown by these employees. I did not hear anyone wishing they were at home. I observed optimism about how they are doing personally through this tough time. There was caution and fear expressed, but the desire to get through this was shared by almost everyone.

As I walked through the plants all decked out with long sleeves, goggles, a mask and rubber gloves, many expressed concern and gratitude for us being there. One employee got a little emotional sharing his feelings about the complications of communicating with me through these barriers. He said, “I really miss talking with you each week.” Honestly, I rarely talk with him more than a few minutes each week, but it had more impact than I realized. Small touches go deeper than we realize.

As I drove home, I became a little emotional myself feeling very proud of these employees, knowing there is underlying fear but expressed by stubborn courage.

Chaplain James Smith