Outstanding Survey Marks

October 16, 2018  |   tagGeneral

Why would 30 out of 30 CEOs give MChap 100% NPS Score?

Thirty of Marketplace Chaplains client company CEOs and leaders were third-party surveyed as part of Marketplace’s Quality Assurance program. The scorecard highlights the positive and confirming success and value of Marketplace’s Employee Care Service to those companies.

In addition, these recent comments were made by company leaders who implemented Marketplace Chaplains:

“Most surprising is how quickly the chaplains were able to build relationships with the employees. Our employees really took to the Chaplains and it went a lot faster than we had expected. Quite a testament to Chaplain Freddi and the others.”

Company Owner at first Report Review

“Your services have been priceless! We have dealt with many serious life issues this year.”

Brian Price, HR Manager, Hartung Glass Industries


“Anything that happens to any of my people, they all call our Chaplains. It would be mutiny around here if I stopped this service.”Jimmy Grant, Owner, East Ridge Fast Lube



Make an impact in 2019 for your employees. We have many options and customizable plans to fit any company’s logistics and budget.

Marketplace Chaplains currently delivers this exceptionally effective Employee Care Service to 780,000 employees and family members at over 3,500 company locations in 50 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico every day. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me below.