Nationwide Moving Services Turn to Workplace Chaplains in Stressful Times

March 24, 2014  |   tagMarketplace Matters

With spring and summer moving season well underway, several nationwide moving companies reply upon Marketplace Chaplains to provide help and support to their employees and families during their most stressful time of the year.

Albert Moving & Storage in Wichita Falls, Texas, was the first moving company to retain the services of Marketplace in 1995. Since then, America’s original, largest, and leading workplace chaplaincy organization has added client companies Cornerstone Moving & Storage in Virginia, Coleman American in Alabama, and Armstrong Relocation in Colorado, all of which are embracing the unique strategic advantage of Marketplace Chaplains.

Bobby Albert, former owner of Albert Moving & Storage, said having chaplains helped his crew perform during their often compressed work schedules. “A lot of times the spring and summer months  are very hectic as everyone wants to move at the same time. It was very comforting to have chaplains at our company for so many years, and I am sure it will continue to be a real help to employees and their families in the years to come.”

Movers often deal with stressful and emotional situations. Whether people are moving into their “dream” homes or from a long-favored home, or being forced to move because of a job change or life circumstance change, there is still a lot of stress associated with moving.

Chuck Bailey had experience with Marketplace Chaplains in a previous position and was happy to incorporate them as part of his company when he began his own moving company Cornerstone Moving & Storage, which serves the Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area.

“Remember, Christ alone is our Cornerstone!” Bailey said. “Our desire is to provide a company and work environment that is faith based. If we focus on strengthening people’s personal lives, to include our employees and customers, our goal of providing exceptional customer service and unparalleled relocations to all clients will be easily achieved, and that’s why having Marketplace Chaplains is a natural fit for us.”

Marketplace Chaplains currently serves in 3,164 client company locations in 45 states, 984 cities, 4 countries and 1 commonwealth, with expansion to Korea and China on the horizon in 2014. The 2,773 chaplains serve in 23 different industry types from family-owned to Fortune 500.

“Moving to a new home or location can be a time of joy or great stress and sadness, and that’s why these forward-thinking moving company leaders sought the services of Marketplace Chaplains.  Chaplains are there to help and offer care and compassion to employees, families and customers alike, during both the stressful and good times of life,” said Richard De Witt, Executive President and COO of Marketplace Chaplains.