Marketplace Chaplains Assist during Hurricane Matthew and the Storms of Everyday Life

October 24, 2016  |   tagMarketplace Matters

Marketplace Chaplains, America’s original, largest and leading workplace chaplaincy organization, has helped innovative business leaders and their employees for more than three decades navigate the storms of life. Recently, those chaplains helped people with the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew as it came ashore on the East Coast, hampering Marketplace-served companies and employees.

While the largest forecasted hurricane in a decade did extensive damage to the East Coast, Marketplace Chaplains helped companies impacted by the storm. At North Carolina’s The Generation Companies, an employee lost everything when the powerful hurricane flooded her home. CEO Mark Daley called the help Marketplace Chaplains provided a key piece in what they do for his thriving companies in the Tar Heel state.

“Our chaplain connected with her; we got her connected to the company benevolence fund for clothing and essentials,” said Marketplace chaplain Luke Witte who helps oversees the chaplain service at The Generation Companies. “Actually, this is a typical response, but one that was tremendously appreciated. That is what we do all the time to help others.”

In Florida, the storm slammed into several Marketplace-served restaurants which operate under the name of Squid Lips, causing damage to their docks, their signs and the pond at the facilities. Chaplain’s also comforted employees who were concerned and felt ill-prepared for the storm. They were able to help them deal with the stress and offer prayer support.

“Caring and hope in an uncertain time, that’s what Marketplace Chaplains offers our employees at all times,” said CEO Buz Underill, owner of the group of seafood restaurants in Florida.

“Chaplains are there to deal with stress and help in any way possible,” added Florida chaplain Roland Barlowe.

Marketplace Chaplains offers numerous employee care services and are available for employees in the stormy times of life which is why over 110 new companies this year have added this unique workplace offering for their employees and family members.

“When a storm comes to create havoc, Marketplace Chaplains come to create hope and help,” say Marketplace Executive President and CEO Doug Fagerstrom. “Our chaplains show up as first responders, because they care.”

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