Inspiration Above Motivation

October 8, 2018  |   tagGeneral

According to leadership expert Craig Groeschel, a recent IBM study of 1,700 global leaders revealed one of the top qualities a leader can possess is the ability to inspire people into action. Inspiration is different than motivation. Motivation often feels like someone is pushing you, whereas “inspirational leaders pull your best out of you,” states Groeschel.

According to Groeschel, the research indicates that employees who describe themselves as “inspired” are more than twice as productive as employees who describe themselves as “satisfied.” This leads to lower turnover, higher job satisfaction, more productivity and increased loyalty.

Marketplace Chaplains will help spread your inspirational leadership further into your organization by extending the main traits that inspirational leaders convey:

How a Chaplain recently inspired an employee:

An employee came up to a Chaplain leader and told him unsolicited, “I don’t know what I would do without Chaplain Mark—he saved my life!” The Chaplain leader asked, “Tell me more.”  The employee shared that he had made some bad life decisions, was very depressed and contemplating suicide, but then he began talking with Chaplain Mark who encouraged him, helped him see reality, got him the help he needed, and now this employee is living a thriving life!

Our objective is to help you—the company leader—help your employees feel inspired by valuing and caring for them, being a helpful and trusted resource for them that you intentionally put in place to serve them, enhance their experience at work and encourage them.

Marketplace Chaplains currently delivers this exceptionally effective Employee Care Service to 780,000 employees and family members at over 3,500 company locations in 50 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico every day.