Healthcare Professionals Find Workplace Chaplains Best Rx for Employees to Receive

June 10, 2014  |   tagMarketplace Matters

While chaplains in hospitals have been an important resource for decades and even longer if you include the military hospitals, Marketplace Chaplains has found that having chaplains serve staff and doctors in the healthcare field has proven to be a unique strategic advantage for many as well.

Marketplace Chaplains, the country’s original and largest worksite provider of workplace chaplains, has partnered with many doctors, optometrists, allergists and others involved in the healthcare profession, to help heal the hurts and heartaches of work and life, like doctors do in the physical sense with patients each day.

“We all have good days and bad days and we all have different personalities,” said Dr. William Kritzer, who has worked with Dr. Jeff Wood at Allen (Texas) Eyecare center for several years.  With our chaplains we have a neutral third party and someone who can serve as a good stress relief source for those who need it.  It’s a great idea because the many clients and appointments can build up pressure on staff.”’

“We often are distracted before we get to work, but having a chaplain has helped us work as a team,” said Dr. Wood. “It’s given us a calmness and a focus to the environment. It’s a better place to work and Chaplain Terry has had a calming influence on the entire staff.”

“It’s very comforting to have someone who will listen to you, someone who doesn’t have to rush off to the next visit,” an Allen Eyecare employee explained.

Most medical offices have a tight-knit group of employees who serve the doctors and the constant stream of patients who come in; however, they have individual needs as well.

“I have seen Marketplace Chaplains make a real impact on people in the medical profession,” said Dr. Dan Dansby, a Dallas, Texas, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. “Chaplains everywhere can be a valuable resource to the many busy medical practices.”

Also among the medical profession offices being served by Marketplace Chaplains is Dr. Thornwell Parker III, a skin cancer consultant.

Marketplace Chaplains can provide a variety of services from hospital or jail visitations to funerals or crisis interventions at any time, or just talking to them (employees, doctors, etc.) about the stresses of life and their chosen medical profession.

“The visionary men and women who use Marketplace Chaplains in healthcare professions have often found that their white coats don’t hide the problems we all face when we come to work each day,” said Richard S. De Witt, Executive President and COO of Marketplace Ministries Inc. “They have found having chaplains as part of their practice is one of the best ways to help their employees and their family members.”