Good Economic Times Don’t Decrease the Need for Workplace Chaplains to Help Others

March 24, 2014  |   tagGeneral

The continually growing U.S. economy, as reflected in the most recent Labor Department statistics, has also been reflected in the employee growth of Marketplace Chaplains’ client companies.

Several companies which use Marketplace Chaplains, the countries original, leading, and largest workplace chaplaincy provider, say they use chaplains as a way to help their employees handle everyday stresses, as well as the many related issues that come with a company’s growing success.

Among current Marketplace Chaplains client companies which have experienced a large increase in employees over the last several months are Pioneer Natural Resources, PacMoore Products and NOW Foods.  In 2013, Marketplace Chaplains had a banner year and signed more than 110 new companies, bringing the unique strategic service to 114,000 new employees and their family members.

“I started this company in the bedroom of my house and as we have continued to grow, it’s helpful to have chaplains who can talk with our employees, helping them with their needs and concerns,” said Kim Pedersen, Founder and CEO of Dallas-based Service Lighting & Electrical Supplies, while standing within his warehouse. “Just to have someone to talk with is a great value to our employees, especially as we have grown,” Petersen added.

Bill Moore, the CEO and President of PacMoore Products in Hammond, Indiana, has employed Marketplace Chaplains since 2004. Over the years, and especially during his recent company growth spurt, he has seen many positive differences chaplains have made in his company with his people.

“Our chaplain members have hundreds of one-on-one meetings with our workers throughout the year.  We have 302 employees in two plants, and many of our employees regularly and actively use the services of Marketplace Chaplains,” Moore said.  He even makes his chaplains available to customers and customers’ employees so that they too experience chaplains offering help and hope in their time of need.

The February Labor Department report1 showed that the American economy added 175,000 non-farm jobs with the jobless rate at 6.7 percent, down to a 5-year low, with many economists predicting further improvement as 2014 continues into the spring and summer months.

National economists said that good economic times could affect everyone in the workforce in positive ways, but it could bring problems as well.

“While the economy is gaining strength and improving, this same economic growth may also bring about additional stresses for employees such as increased responsibilities, tight deadlines, longer hours and less time with their families.  No matter if during an economic upturn or downturn, Marketplace Chaplains are there to offer care, encouragement, and help for workers and their family members,” said Marketplace Chaplains Executive President and COO Richard S. De Witt.