USA Today – Employee Engagement is Key

November 14, 2018  |   tagGeneral

Employee Engagement is the key to success in today’s environment, especially when so many things are fighting for the attention and time of your employees. To improve engagement, doesn’t it make sense to remove those items, issues and crises in life which cause disengagement? Problems such as family, relationships, stress, finances, care of aging parents, health, parenting, conflicts at work, grief, etc., all contribute to absenteeism, turnover, lack of teamwork, low productivity and safety breaches. This link in USA Today and MediaPlanet highlights experts in this subject matter. Having a Care Team is one of the most effective and proactive ways to attract and retain top talent, as well as help them thrive at work and at home. The companies shown in our ad, along with over 800 other small and public company leaders, will be glad to explain why their Care Team from Marketplace Chaplains is the best answer for real employee engagement.