Cutting-Edge Technologies Enhance Employee Engagement and Wellness

November 15, 2017  |   tagGeneral

Plano, TX, Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Marketplace Chaplains launches cutting-edge technologies to improve employee engagement and wellness in the workplace through the updated MyChap App, MChap Studio—a state-of-the-art studio for training and communications—and a robust Connect Care service to reach employees who work remotely. These technologies increase usage of chaplains by employees for more personalized and proactive care helping employees deal with problems, issues, and crisis events.

Marketplace Chaplains New App
MyChap App provides 24/7 connectivity to employees’ Chaplain Care Team.

Marketplace’s updated MyChap App now includes new e-book resources and is a free download from the App Store which enables employees immediate, constant access to their assigned Chaplain Care Team. Users simply enter their Company Location ID. The employee will be able to text, make a phone call, send an email, schedule an appointment, ask a question, or receive resource materials. It is not intended to take the place of a face-to-face conversation or a meeting, but simply is another 24/7 channel for connections with one of their chaplains.

Marketplace Chaplains stays current with today’s fast-paced and ever-changing workplace environment and employee needs through its new, state-of-the-art, in-house studio featuring a remote-controlled ReadyCam, professional mixing enhancements, professional microphones and LED track lighting, combined with an 80-Inch Smart TV. The MChap Studio produces high-quality interviews, video recordings, live shots for training simulations, panel discussions, and simulcasts to the field and other corporate platforms.

Marketplace Technology
The new MChap Studio uses state-of-the-art professional equipment to produce high quality training and communications

The Connect Care service embraces remote, offsite, work-from-home or over-the-road employees through specifically-trained chaplains making proactive phone calls, emails and texts, along with exciting monthly digital newsletters containing topic-specific or other related items of interest, encouragement, coping skill resources, etc. These touches are bringing awareness and building bridges to relationships of trust and confidence engaging and encouraging remote employees at an increasing rate. At any time, the remote employee chooses, they may meet with a Marketplace Chaplain in person. Through Connect Care calls, Marketplace learned of a hospitalized truck driver in a distant city far from family and friends. Through their network of 1,500 nationwide chaplains, they were able to contact a chaplain in that city who was dispatched to make a hospital visit to the employee on behalf of the owner of the trucking company.

“True engagement of an employee includes connecting with them in a way that builds strong, mutual relationships of trust and confidence through the entire lifecycle of the relationship. In other words, being able to provide a strong value proposition from hire to retire. However, being able to provide a spiritual/emotional connection is just as important and that’s where Marketplace Chaplains excels,” states Irma Lockridge, Chief People Officer of CoorsTek. These new technologies enabling employees instant access to highly-trained Chaplain Care Teams help facilitate employee engagement and retention.

“It is the beginning of employee care platforms of the future,” said Jason Brown, Chief Marketing Officer at Marketplace Chaplains.

About Marketplace Chaplains

Marketplace Chaplains professional workplace chaplains serve over 3,500 locations weekly. They are the largest and longest continuing provider of workplace chaplaincy to corporate America today. Chaplain Care Teams are used by employees at their own initiative, neutral from company operations and conversations are strictly confidential. Male, female and ethnically diverse chaplains are assigned to each worksite location making regularly scheduled brief worksite visits. Marketplace Chaplains is continuing to improve and adapt to the evolving workplace culture without compromising its integrity, commitment to the mission or changing any of its core values or purposes.

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