COO of McNeill Hotels encourages use of Marketplace Chaplains

September 29, 2020  |   tagGeneral

Mark Ricketts, COO of McNeill Hotels wrote an article for Hotel News Now entitled “Support our people in challenging times.” The subtitle was, “To get through the current crisis, hoteliers can support their people by staying in touch with them and keeping a positive tone.”

“We have many difficult issues confronting us at present, none more important than how we relate to others. How we fare in this regard impacts our short-term recovery, as well as our long-term reputation and legacy as hospitality organizations.

“So far, our industry has done an outstanding job in addressing the people side of our business: coordinating with lenders, strategic partners and the brands; staying engaged with guests and communities; and looking after our people.

“A sound approach to supporting our teams in such stressful times has two key aspects or approaches: regular formal and informal communication within the organization, supported by “stress breakers” like special third-party hotlines or access to professional counselors.

Hospitality organizations can also sponsor non-judgmental, third-party help for their team members and aid in accessing community resources. An example of the first is taking advantage of social workers and counselors, either community-based ones or through national programs like Marketplace Chaplains. Any conversations are confidential and can go a long way toward relieving personal stress while also directing people to needed resources. Astute hospitality groups can also help team members keep abreast of community developments, including available assistance programs.”

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