5 Workplace Benefits You Need in 2019

July 10, 2019  |   tagGeneral

5 Benefits You Need

Workplace Chaplain

Employees are more than numbers, robots or production machines: they have feelings, personal problems, family matters, encounter crises and many times just need someone to talk to confidentially who is not connected to the company. Marketplace provides an extension and enhancement of the care company leaders have for their people in a tangible, practical way.

We deliver care down to a company’s front-lines, where the rubber meets the road, and are a tangible way to galvanize a company’s culture and core values. Whether your employees are millennials, baby-boomers or are from any generation, and whether they work in an office, a warehouse, distribution center, or working from home, Marketplace has proven tactics and resources to deliver this level of care in an efficient and effective manner.


Allowing people to work from home if possible or offer a flexible schedule for work hours in the office makes employees feel more trusted and respected. Respecting your employees’ time and being accommodating improves confidence all around.

Employees who feel like they’re valued and understood, and are generally happier with their work/life balance, are going to be more engaged and more committed to the organization. Again, within our own organization, we’re looking into the best ways to offer flexibility (especially with the crazy Bay Area traffic!).

Child Care Discounts

Employers offering a child care discount on health insurance – regardless of how many children an employee has – is a workplace benefit many organizations should consider offering. Cadence Education is one organization that offers a child care discount on comprehensive medical and a variety of other supplemental insurances made available to employees. As a leader in education, this workplace benefit has a natural alignment to the company’s core purpose – a sure sign that the benefit is in line with what employee’s need.

Instant Pay

Instant pay is another benefit employers are investing in today, and for good reason: having the ability to instantly access earned but unpaid wages reduces stress for employees while increasing feelings of accomplishment. In fact, instant access to compensation boosts motivation–73% of users say they’re more motivated to come to work. Daily Pay, a provider of these services, describes the benefits below:

With the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain top talent. A daily pay benefit differentiates companies as “employers of choice” and helps with recruitment efforts; it has also been shown to increase retention and reduce turnover, leading to a healthier bottom line.

Monthly Outings

Lastly, an underrated workplace benefit is bonding activities outside the office. These may appear to be all play and no work, but time away from the mundanity of the office actually pays off in terms of efficiency. According to an article on Forbes, employees who actually care about each other actually get things done faster and are more likely to take ownership.

Since there might not be cross-collaboration among different departments, it also builds team cohesion by hanging with coworkers that normally don’t sit together. This only reinforces feelings of belonging and builds a stronger organization as a whole. Ideas for monthly outings could include going to the movies, painting pottery, or even having a potluck in a nearby park.

Above-and-Beyond Benefits

Nowadays medical and dental are the base-level benefits. If you want your company to attract and retain employees, you should look into adding a few of these unique benefits as the cherry on top.