Our Clients Are as Impressive as Our Service

Since January 1984 Marketplace Chaplains USA has steadily increased its client base, annually adding client company locations in new cities and states, and regularly expanding into new industry types to be served by our Chaplain Care Teams.

Today we are caring for individuals and families in nearly 65 different business types, in large publicly held corporations and small private companies, in blue collar and white collar operations, in traditional 8:00am – 5:00pm office buildings and 24/7/365 manufacturing, distribution and processing plant facilities. Our smallest client has fewer than half-a-dozen on its staff; our largest employs over 37,000. Assisted Living Centers, Commercial Building Maintenance, Construction, Forestry Products and Lumber Production, Homebuilders, Information Technology, Insurance, Medical and Health Services, Petroleum Products and Services, Real Estate Development and Management, and Trucking Services are just a few of the wide range of industries where Marketplace Chaplains serves.

Here are a few of the companies and franchises we work with: