See the Marketplace Chaplain Service Update report

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Chaplain leader Rickey Ezell goes over a Care Team Report with Fred Moses, CEO of Telecom Electric Supply.

Our Chaplains are accountable to Marketplace and we are all accountable to you. Every mile, call, visit, discussion, etc. is confidentially recorded and tracked using a mobile app and then gathered into a snapshot report by location as well as company-wide. As a company leader, you will be able to see all the activities of your Chaplain Care Team confidentially as no names of employees are ever recorded. You will see the level of service use and the topical subject matter your employees are dealing with as they engage the Chaplains for help, support, encouragement, and resources, in both crises and the everyday issues of life. You will be assigned an Executive Director of Operations (EDO) who serves as account manager monitoring KPI’s and Dashboard Analytics to stay aware of changes or trends so we can proactively tailor responses and resources to your employee population.

Formal report and service utilization meetings with company leaders are typically convened on a trimester basis the first year and semi-annually thereafter. In addition, your EDO will be connecting with you and sending pieces of information/data/stories which are important to you on a regular basis between report meetings as we further implement your vision of care.

Company Reports Help Company Executives in 3 Ways:

1) Communicate the scope of problems/issues/crises employees are dealing with which impact their lives and their performance
2) Provide service utilization activity and care examples as your Chaplain Care Team engages and helps mitigate or alleviate problems
3) Provide leadership information as we track and recommend next steps available through the Chaplain Care Team to enhance the well-being of your people and the culture of your workplace

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