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Professional Chaplain Training Program

The essence of the effectiveness of our Employee Care Service is professionally trained and experienced chaplains directly serving employees and their families of our companies, initially in the United States of America and now in Mexico, Canada, England, China and Scotland. The selection, training and support of these chaplains are the highest priorities for Marketplace Chaplains.

A Chaplain Care Team provides your worksite locations not only a gender and ethnic diversity component, but a wide array of experiential, educational and professional backgrounds as well as the unique personalities of individuals giving everyone in your company someone they would feel comfortable talking to.

We do not employ novices as chaplains. Each approved chaplain applicant brings extensive experience in caring for people. On average, our Chaplains already have 22 years of pastoral caregiving experience. Each has a clear understanding of business and most have significant workplace experience. In addition, many have Masters and Doctorate levels of education in a variety of fields which is what provides the distinct advantage of a Chaplain Care Team. Every applicant undergoes criminal, driving and financial background checks, along with extensive personal reference checks to verify character and personal history. Multiple interviews across several layers of Marketplace leadership are required as we have a 30-year history and reputation in the workplace to uphold. Technical training, significant care-giving experience, mature and proven character are essential qualities in order for chaplains to provide exceptional service to the employees and families of our companies.

In addition to their extensive experience and caregiving skills, newly hired chaplains receive specific orientation and training on the issues they will face in the workplace, including ethical and legal constraints in the business world and how to relate to company management. Training and guidelines to help employees resolve workplace conflicts is also emphasized. Continuing education is provided to equip chaplains with additional skills and knowledge in the ever-changing world of business. Chaplains are also mentored and travel to different corporate settings with seasoned veterans learning the nuances of providing this specialized type of care.

Our training department is made up of the world’s most experienced team of trainers in corporate Chaplaincy. Dr. Dan Truitt, serving with Marketplace for over 25 years even wrote and taught the first-ever workplace chaplaincy curriculum for seminary students. Marv Wittenburg is a former National Trainer for the Social Security Administration and brings over 40 years of training development to our in-house curriculum. Our sequel based training website provides wisdom and experience from serving over 3 million hours of Chaplain Service to corporate America. Feel free to peruse our extensive training website here:

Each chaplain on a chaplain team is supported and supervised by a veteran leadership team in chaplaincy and administration. The chain of accountability is vital to our three decades of successfully caring for workers at work. Our chaplains also benefit from working with policies and procedures developed over our 30-year history of successfully caring for employees and families in companies of all types and sizes.

30 Years

3 million hours of service

Professionally trained, managed and experienced male, female and ethnically diverse Chaplains

Cutting-edge training and continuing education modules = Excellent Employee and Resident Care!

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