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Our Work is Caring, Our Care is Working

With 40 years of experience in employee care, we know transformation happens through relationships.

Our Chaplains are trained to engage with people in the most meaningful way possible – through relationships. Through relational care, we seek to serve employees in responsive, personalized ways specific to their needs.

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Marketplace Chaplains - How it Works

24/7 Support

Chaplains serve as confidants, supporting employees and their families 24/7. Your Chaplain Care Team will assist with countless issues – from crises in the home or workplace to stress, anxiety, relationships, and many others.

White Paper Series 3 – Mental Health and Moral Injury

“Improving Your Employees’ Well-Being through Practical Applications and Chaplaincy to Relieve Distress”

Mental health awareness in the workplace continues to rise. Besides PTS and PTSD, we are now beginning to understand more about Moral Injury. Moral injury is a battle that can affect employees while at work. Oftentimes, they cannot pinpoint the source of their deep hurt, anger, or pain and become incredibly frustrated—longing to find relief or remedy. Most are also too embarrassed to tell a co-worker, family member, HR, or call a 1-800-number.

Our team of subject matter experts has collaborated with other professionals in the field to bring you a deeper understanding of the causes of moral injury and how to proactively combat the symptoms with the help of a Chaplain Care Team. We strive to help people identify, understand, and work through their pain and frustration with practical coping skills. This helps them heal from and process moral injury, getting them back on the road to a thriving life—at work and at home!

Marketplace Chaplains is honored to serve and walk alongside employees in today’s turbulent workplaces. We hope these white papers have been invaluable to you as we seek to partner in taking care of your company’s number one asset—employees and their family members. To request a hard copy(ies) of the White Paper, message us your address in the Contact section.

Mental Health and Moral Injury Cover, Page 2,10,11


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C-Suite Connection Series

Join like-minded C-suite Leaders and Subject Matter Experts to Foster Breakthroughs in Employee Engagement:

  • Develop a Positive Plan to Overcome Moral Injury, PTSD, and Mental Illness Challenges in the Workplace
  • Gain an Understanding of Suicide Prevention and Intervention
  • Put the Soul Back into Human Resources and Workplace Culture
  • Navigate Interpersonal Conflict or Unethical Behavior with Wisdom
  • Elevate your Leadership Impact through Mental Health Awareness

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Employee Care Service

Marketplace Chaplains provides personalized and proactive employee care through the use of dedicated Chaplain Care Teams for each company location. Chaplains are voluntary to use, neutral from company operations, and conversations with them are strictly confidential.

Male, female, and ethnically diverse chaplains are either full time or assignment-based depending on company locations and number of employees served. Our chaplain teams make regularly scheduled work site visits.

Employee Care is NOT a video, a website, an e-book, or a booklet!

How It Works

MCHAP Introduction to  Employee Care Service

Professional Chaplain Training Academy

Learn how we train professional workplace chaplains.