Technology and Video are No Substitute for the Personal Interaction of Marketplace Chaplains

September 14, 2011  |   tagGeneral

A recent Cisco Systems survey found that video systems and interaction are taking an increasingly larger portion of a person’s day and overall life. Corporate chaplains employed by Marketplace Chaplains USA are finding that while everything is changing, becoming more efficient and moving faster, some things do not change. Personal chaplain interaction with employees is the best solution for helping each one with the many personal problems hindering workplace progress and efficiency.

In the Cisco survey, Senior Vice President, Marthin De Beer, said most people and employees use video technology to access essential and professional services.

“Video is happening and it’s happening today,” De Beer said in his report. By comparison, more than 2,500 Marketplace Chaplains in 43 states serving more than 2,400 client locations report most employees still seek out chaplains for face-to-face discussions about the hurts, joys and hopes of life.

“The fact a corporate chaplain has made his or her weekly visit to their place of business on a regular basis, and knows the employee by name or by sight, means more than video technology ever can,” said Greater Western Region Vice President, George Cotter, who oversees chaplains from Texas to California.

“The personal problems, crises events and strategic initiative solutions never change when helped by a caring and concerned chaplain who has a relationship of trust and confidence with employees.”

Today, Marketplace Chaplains, based in Plano (Dallas), Texas, works in every imaginable industry; from family owned to Fortune 500 companies, serving blue and white collar employees whose needs are all the same.

“Technology may always be marching on in each one of our lives every day, but the daily needs of a person’s well-being will never change,” said Marketplace Chaplains’ President and COO, Richard S. De Witt. “We all need a helping hand on occasion with the daily problems of life in today’s stressful workplace.”