Peace, Reconciliation and a Safe Place at Work

April 5, 2018  |   tagGeneral

“Chaplain, I don’t know what it is, but every time you visit, I just feel such relief and peace in my soul.”


She was ready to leave her husband. He was cheating on her! She confided in her chaplain who shared principles behind a healthy marriage and prayed for her to be kind, loving and forgiving towards her husband. Multiple texts followed their initial visit.

Recently, she reported that she knows the chaplain was put in her path for a reason. Their encounter changed her entire outlook on marriage! She and her husband have reconciled and are enjoying a more loving marriage. He ended his relationship with the other woman and apologized to her and their children. This employee is “back” at work and engaged in her responsibilities.

A Safe Place

Stress, fear of job loss and high emotions were prevalent at the corporate office. Their company had just been bought out. However, the new company utilized Marketplace Chaplains and made sure this new location had the same access to the Care Partners as their other locations. Care Partners quickly began making visits and many employees expressed appreciation for their presence and listening ear. One leader expressed, “I could never talk to our people the way the chaplains do.” The employees have now found a safe place.

Marketplace Chaplains bring peace, hope and encouragement to your employees every day. You may never know the internal struggles and life issues negatively affecting your employees. Chaplains become a safe, confidential place for your employees and their family members to share their stories and struggles which will help them be more engaged at work.

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