Company Care Leaders are on the front-line, responsible for delivering quality and consistent care to the companies we serve nationwide by leading and managing our Chaplain Care Teams.

Major Company Leaders

image of Jim Tereschuk

Jim Tereschuk

Executive Vice President Major Companies
image of Steve Hefta

Steve Hefta

Major Company Strategist
image of Don Smith

Don Smith

Major Company Strategist
image of Jerrold Lake

Jerrold Lake

Major Company Strategist

Operations Headquarters Staff

image of Shane Satterfield

Shane Satterfield

Executive Vice President of Division Operations
image of Ann Poe

Ann Poe

Executive Administrator of Division Support
image of Christine Montelongo

Christine Montelongo

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations
image of Shannon Quarles

Shannon Quarles

Admin Assistant/Divisional Operations

Company Care Leaders

Company Care Leaders

image of David Ingram

David Ingram

Western Carolinas
image of Chris McArthur

Chris McArthur

Chicago Metro
image of Ken Phillips

Ken Phillips

North AL, MS TN
image of Tim Presson

Tim Presson

Ft Worth Metro
image of Sam Raia

Sam Raia

image of Dan Rainey

Dan Rainey

Central/West TX
image of Jeff Rinehart

Jeff Rinehart

image of Stefanie Rowinski

Stefanie Rowinski

NE/KS/KC Metro
image of Brent Spears

Brent Spears

North Metro ATL
image of Jim Wagoner

Jim Wagoner


Company Care Leaders

image of Clint Beymer

Clint Beymer

Greater Los Angeles
image of Ron Burton

Ron Burton

Houston 2-Central
image of Phil Gambill

Phil Gambill

South Metro ATL
image of Mike McGowan

Mike McGowan

image of Julias Rodriguez

Julias Rodriguez

Houston 3-West
image of Scott Wyatt

Scott Wyatt


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