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Marketplace Chaplains USA, the world’s original and leading provider of chaplains to corporate America is a proactive and personalized Employee Care Service. Client companies are assigned a team of male, female, ethnically diverse chaplains who visit the work site regularly, and are available for crisis care, any needed help and confidential discussions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year nationwide. On behalf of company leaders, Chaplain Care Teams help meet the needs of employees and family members under an umbrella of compassion and concern.

Benefits of Employee Care Services:

Our chaplains care for the most valuable assets of our corporate clients – employees and their families. Our specialized Employee Care Services produces many benefits for the client company, as chaplains build work site relationships, provide a wide range of chaplain team services for employees and give support to company leadership. Increased employee loyalty to the company and appreciation for company management, reduced employee absenteeism and turnover and increased productivity are just a few of the many benefits of the Employee Care Program that companies receive by establishing a “Partnership of Caring” with Marketplace Chaplains USA.