Record Rainfall, Storm Damage Give Workplace Chaplains a Chance to Address Storms of Life

February’s record rainfall in California and all along the West Coast caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses. Marketplace Chaplains, America’s original, largest and leading workplace chaplaincy organization serves many of the affected companies assisting also with the personal storms in employees’ lives.

Marketplace Chaplains currently serves 770 companies in 3,000 different locations, including dozens on the West Coast, with more than 1,500 trained, caring and confidential chaplains serving 658,000 employees and their family members.

The week-long West Coast storm brought record rainfall to southern California along with what local weather officials termed a 100-year flood in northern California with mandatory evacuations in the San Jose area.

As Marketplace chaplains scrambled to check on companies, company owners expressed their gratitude for the chaplains’ help in storms, literal and personal.

“This is without a doubt the best investment I’ve made for my employees and their family members,” said Paul Granlund, CEO of Northwest Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning located in Portland, Oregon. While his company did not suffer much commercial damage in the record winter storm, he said he is very grateful for the chaplains’ help during the stormy times of everyday life.

Another West Coast Marketplace company which is dependent on the weather, Abundant Harvest Organics located outside of Fresno, California, said they remain grateful for Marketplace Chaplains presence in their company. “We already had a health care policy, but people’s eternal health is just as important,” said company CEO Vern Peterson.

While the weather may have slowed some of his daily production of thousands of edible products, he said having his chaplain team has helped him and his employees get through many storms. “It is simple. An employee that feels cared for is a better employee, there is no question about it.”

The flooding expanded from Washington, down to Reno, Nevada, where Marketplace Chaplains had to help each other out with flooded homes while also helping employees in need.

“While major storms make the headlines, the personal storms of life go unnoticed, but not by our chaplains,” said Doug Fagerstrom, Executive President and CEO of Marketplace Chaplains. “The storm of a broken relationship, a tidal wave of a major loss or the uncontrollable ravage of cancer are thwarted by caring chaplains in the workplace every day.”

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Valentine’s Day and Every Day Calls for the Kind, Caring Touch of Workplace Chaplains

While love and relationships were celebrated and money spent on this week’s multi-billion dollar Valentine’s Day celebration, Marketplace Chaplains, America’s original, largest and leading workplace chaplaincy organization is providing real life love and relationship help every day.

Marketplace’s 1,500-plus chaplains serve the helps and hurts of life, 365 days a year, encouraging those with bruised relationships, family issues or other life problems which effect today’s business place. Many company leaders said having Marketplace Chaplains work with their employees is more important than the candy and flowers which overflowed American workplaces this week.

“Marketplace Chaplains is an organization we contract with for chaplains to call on our dealerships. The chaplains come by our dealerships weekly to say hello, speak with our team members and handle any personal issues they need to talk about,” said Huffiness Auto Dealerships Owner Ray Huffiness.

“When employees have a resource to consult about issues they’re wrestling with, they are less likely to take those burdens into the workplace and better able to manage them,” said Margaret Caput, a longtime Vice-President of Human Resources. She added it affects productivity and can help reduce absenteeism.

According to a survey of over 7,500 people conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics showed a 10% drop in those who celebrated Valentine’s Day this year as compared to 2016. And spending was down by $2.5 billion.1

Relationship issues, marriage woes and family problems have not slowed down in America’s workplace no matter what happens in the economy. And handling employee problems, needs and relationships on a full-time basis is a great company benefit according to oil company executive Hal Chappelle. “It can be whatever the employee needs it to be,” he said. “Typically chaplains visit client company offices a few times a month and stroll the hallways, popping into employees’ offices with a greeting. Those who wish can invite the chaplain in for deeper conversation or make arrangements to meet outside of work hours.”

Marketplace Chaplains Executive President and CEO Doug Fagerstrom said having trained and caring chaplains can be a key and innovative tool in a busy executive’s toolbox on Valentine’s Day and every day. “I believe every employee in the workplace is eager for this ‘touch of love’ in their lives,” he noted. “Our chaplains show and share non-judgmental words and acts of love and kindness for every company employee they serve.”

Marketplace Chaplains currently serves in 770 companies in 3,000 different locations with more than 1,500 trained, caring and confidential chaplains serving 683,000 employees and their family members.

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Super Bowl Champions, Workplace Warriors Use Chaplains to Face the Hard Hits of Life

While the confetti and the streamers continued to fall at the noisy NRG Super Bowl LI stadium in Houston, the New England Patriots celebrated their championship win for the ages. Among the players and coaches commemorating the most improbable victory were New England team chaplain Don Davis and special teams veteran Mathew Slater.

That’s because the Patriots, newly crowned Super Bowl Champions, are one of the many professional football teams who use chaplains in their athlete workplaces, just as many Houston-area companies, some just miles from the Super Bowl site, use Marketplace Chaplains for their employees and family members.

“Three years from now, most people can’t tell you who the Super Bowl champion was, but we know the real champion is the work we’re doing in those guys’ lives and their families,” said Davis. “We’re here to help all and to care for all and that’s what is most important.”

Less than ten miles from this year’s Super Bowl location, leading insurance provider InsurMark has used Marketplace Chaplains for several years, bringing a needed benefit to the fast-paced industry and the growing business

“Having Chaplains associated with our team at InsurMark has been one of the most successful and fulfilling decision we have made for our associates and their family members,” said CEO Steve Kerns. “Seeing the relationship these dedicated men and women have with our people is one of the truly great things about going to work every day.”

Houston Baptist University was one of the sponsors of the NFL Super Bowl Breakfast the day before the big game, which awarded Slater its annual Bart Starr Award, but President Robert Sloan said Marketplace Chaplains has also made a big difference for his university. “Just to know they’re there on a regular basis and are available whenever needed, they’re a great representative of HBU,” Sloan said.

Slater, who spoke in person at the Super Bowl Breakfast before leaving for a Patriots team meeting, said having a chaplain has been very helpful both for his Super Bowl winning team and the workplace as a whole. “We all have problems and we all need someone to talk with about our problems,” Slater said. “As athletes and workers, we all have a platform in our lives, but without my faith and my help, I wouldn’t have a faithful platform to stand on.”

According to a Wikipedia research articleAmerican professional sports teams are among the most comprehensive and proactive in having chaplains. A 1982 international conference in Hong Kong expanded sports chaplaincy to various sports leagues in countries around the world.

Marketplace Chaplains CEO and Executive President Doug Fagerstrom said the use for workplace chaplains for both Super Bowl Champions and workplaces around the country has proven to be an effective workplace tool in an executive’s toolbox. “Every employee of every company, regardless of size or industry, needs someone to talk to about their hurts, pain, decisions, fears and failures,” he said.  “Our Marketplace Chaplains are available 24/7 to listen, encourage and offer hope with confidential non-judgmental care.”

Marketplace Chaplains currently serves in 770 companies in 3,000 different locations with more than 1,500 trained, caring and confidential chaplains serving 683,000 employees and their family members.

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Marketplace Chaplains highlights growing workplace trend, NFL Owners See Value in Super Bowl Chaplains

Marketplace Chaplains highlights growing workplace trend, NFL Owners See Value in Super Bowl Chaplains

Marketplace Chaplains, America’s largest and original workplace chaplaincy organization, has long highlighted a growing workplace trend as several hundred companies in North America are providing workplace chaplains with the support of strong company leadership.

But the Carolina Panthers, strong favorites in this weekend’s Super Bowl 50 in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area are showcasing another league wide trend. For Carolina and the majority of NFL teams, including their Sunday opponent Denver Broncos, it’s use of a workplace team chaplains supported by the team owner. All 32 NFL teams have a chaplain on their staff, either as a full or part-time member, or in a voluntary capacity from athlete service organization, Athletes in Action.

“It’s one more thing we can do to not only say we care about our employees, but show how we care about our employees and their families,” said Johnny Bledsoe, President of Waco, Texas-based Sturdisteel, Inc. “It’s easy to give away a trip, but to have a real impact in someone’s life who is facing life’s problems is certainly more important.”

Panther team Chaplain Mike Bunkley, a former college running back, has been with the Panthers since the team started in 1995.  Panther’s owner Jerry Richardson, in the past, has publicly spoken about the importance of a personal faith in his life.

“The owner and the coach have been very supportive of our work here and have really opened some doors,” said Bunkley, who flies with the team to each road game and has gained excellent access. “We realize we’re not at home this week, we’re in a different environment, but it’s still time to praise Him. This is a great group of guys to work with and I’m thrilled to be here.”

While not in the overpowering media spotlight of one of the world’s biggest sport events this week, Marketplace Chaplains work with a wide variety of employees on a voluntary, confidential basis.

Currently, Marketplace has nearly 2,000 chaplains serving in over 3,668 company locations, helping over 624,003 employees and their family members.

“We had some people wonder what would happen when we started the chaplain program, but now our employees would be in an uproar if we tried to take it away,” said Steve Luse, CEO of The Luse Companies, located outside of Chicago.

Regardless if the Panthers win or lose in pro football’s ultimate game, Bunkley said his role is to help in the joys and problems of their life. The same can be said for Marketplace Chaplains.

“While millions of Americans will tune in to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, few may notice the role the two team chaplains play in what is more important than on-field wins or losses,” said Marketplace Executive President and CEO Doug Fagerstrom. “The same is true for the visionary workplace leaders who invite Marketplace Chaplains into their workplace every day.”

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Labor Day: More than an Extra Holiday, But a Reminder of the Struggles in the Workplace

Today, Labor Day may just be an extra holiday for many Americans, or the end of summer for others, but savvy business leaders are addressing the changing needs of laborers in the workforce year-round with the use of Marketplace Chaplains, America’s largest and original workplace chaplaincy organization.

“A lot of times, with an Employee Assistance Program, an issue or problem has already turned into a crisis. However, I consider this (Marketplace Chaplains) as part of preventative maintenance,” said David Nelson, Production Manager of Premier Silica of Bakersfield, California.

“The workplace is constantly changing and evolving, and Marketplace Chaplains has been a real asset to our company, our employees and their family members,” added Steve Luse, CEO of Luse Industries located outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Labor Day was founded more than 100 years ago in the Northeast as a salute to the growing organized labor movement. This movement began at the end of the 19th century and rescued American workers from an industrial manufacturing system that was cruel, exploitative, deadly, and often feudal… Over the century, the labor movement has produced many heroes who personify what Labor Day commemorates, and the many battles they won– against child labor, for fair wages and reasonable work hours, and for employee benefits and concern for employee safety…1

By the 1950s, more than 40% of the American workforce belonged to an organized labor union. Today that number is down to 10% percent of the working population. According to a recent survey by BizShifts-Trends, 59% of Americans see Labor Day as the end of summer and 39% see it as just another long weekend.1

The changes the labor movement helped to initiate are still in place today, and ever evolving as industries change and more and more companies are seeking additional ways to care for the total well-being of their employees.

With the increased stress and uncertainty in today’s workplace, dozens of new companies have retained the services of Marketplace Chaplains in 2015.  So many in fact, this year ranks highest in client start-ups in any one year to-date in the organizations 31-year history.

What started with one chaplain in one company, at one location, now has over 2,300 chaplains serving in 3,605 service locations in 45 states, 9 provinces, 6 international countries, and 1,081 cities.

Marketplace Chaplains are in the workplace on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the size of the company, helping employees deal with life’s stressors, whether they work on the factory floor or in the corner office.

“In today’s busy and hectic workplace, every day may seem like a “Laborious” Day to employees. However, forward-thinking business leaders are taking additional strides to show they care for their top-line, their employees and their families, in addition to their bottom-line,” said Marketplace Chaplains’ Founder Gil A. Stricklin

Currently, Marketplace Chaplains serves in 35 different industry types from family-owned companies to Fortune 500, serving more than half a million people across the globe.

“We consider Marketplace Chaplains a key part of our employee team, both as a resource and a friend,” said Steve Kerns, Founder & CEO of client company Insurmark, Inc. in Houston.

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  1. Labor Day Has Lost Meaning– Forgotten are the Achievements of the Union Movement: Labor Day is an Anachronism… [Bizhub]

Boom Times in Oil and Gas Fields Can Mean Big Trouble and Workplace Chaplain Needs

With the oil and gas industry operating at near record levels, companies in Texas, the Southwest, and all across America are increasingly turning to Marketplace Chaplains, the country’s original and largest workplace chaplaincy organization.

Among non-OPEC countries, only Russia, the United States as a whole, China and Canada would exceed Texas’ oil production, making the state the world’s sixth-largest producer.

The state’s production, driven mainly by the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas and the Permian Basin in West Texas, will reach about 3.4 million barrels per day, propelling Texas past Iraq and Iran, said Greg Leveille, Manager for Technology Program-Unconventional Reservoirs at ConocoPhillips in a recent report in the San Antonio Express-News.1

Martin Resource Management, based in Kilgore, Texas, is one of the many companies experiencing the boom of the oil and gas industry in their home state. As a result, they are concerned about the toll busyness is taking on their employees and their family members.

Martin uses Marketplace Chaplains to care for employees in dozens of locations, concentrated in the South and Southwest but stretching as far as Tampa, Florida, to Stockton, California. “This is the best thing I’ve ever done for my company,” said Ruben Martin, President and CEO of Martin Resource Management.”

Some of the Texas-based oil and natural gas energy client companies include Pioneer Natural Resources, in Irving, J-W Energy Company in Dallas, Wood Group Mustang and Hilcorp Energy in Houston. All have turned to this workplace chaplaincy service to help their employees.

“Wood Group Mustang is engaged in a highly competitive oil and gas industry where people vote with their feet where they work. Partnering with Marketplace Chaplains has helped us live up to our core value,” one company executive said. “With the help of Marketplace Chaplains, our reach is extended through their vast network of chaplains,” another added.

Marketplace Chaplains are on far-flung job sites, at dangerous locations on the water, on the ground, and in corporate offices meeting the needs of others.

“In these busy and economically successful times in the oil and gas business, these forward thinking company leaders have found that the use of trained, caring, compassionate Marketplace Chaplains are one of their best assets in dealing with their valuable natural resources… their employees and family members,” said Richard S. De Witt, Executive President and COO of Marketplace Chaplains.



Summertime stresses often solved by trained, caring Marketplace Chaplains in workplace

Summer is often a time of vacation or getting away from work for many employees, but there is no vacation for stress and problems in a person’s life, an ongoing trend seen by Marketplace Chaplains, the countries original and largest workplace chaplaincy organization.

Marketplace Chaplains serve in hundreds of companies across the USA and other countries, many which use the summer as a break from months of hard and stressful work. For many of these companies’ employees and their family members, the chaplains are a reliable third person contact they feel at ease relating to as a friend they see regularly at work.

In one Southern California Marketplace client company, a single, hard-working employee was getting ready to take off on a cross-country motorcycle ride vacation. Concerned that no one would know or even care where she was going or if she would be okay on the road, the employee arranged to call the chaplain each night from the road to let her know she was safe.

“The chaplain was her only contact to call and check-in with, which shows you the value of having a trained, caring Marketplace Chaplain with whom employees can personally relate to,” said California Marketplace Area Team Leader, Chaplain Ron Lewis. “They are vital to an employee’s wellbeing and stability.”

The idea of summer stress in a supposedly care-free time of the year is very real, according to author Polly Campbell, who wrote a series of articles for the publication on the topic.

“Enjoying a stress-free summer also involves shifting your mindset and making the most of the change in routine. There are many ways to do it, but the easiest is a quick reframe,” Campbell wrote.

North Dallas Bank CEO Mike Shipman sees the summer as a time when many customers visit the bank to withdraw money they have been saving for a long-planned vacation. But often times, circumstances can interrupt well-laid plans and bring additional stress to the bank customers and the employees who interact with them.

“Our Marketplace Chaplains are valuable resources to the bank employees and those they serve to help with the bumps and bruises along with unexpected turns of life,” Shipman said. “They are one of the longest held benefits the bank has had and one of its most important we offer here.”

Marketplace Chaplains’ 2,783 dedicated caregivers currently serve 561,553 employees and their family members in 3,282 service locations covering 46 States, 5 International Countries and 1 Commonwealth.

“While summer is a time of relaxation and vacation for many employees, there is no vacation from the daily stresses of life, but there is a dedicated Marketplace Chaplain for each employee or family member, available 24/7, to walk with them on a regular basis, sharing the hurts and hopes of daily living,” said Richard S. De Witt, Executive President and COO of Marketplace Chaplains.

2014 Company Employee Retention Needs Points to Increase of Workplace Chaplains

With the continually improving economy, companies nationwide are looking at key employee retention as one of the main factors in growing their organizations, a factor also prominent in more than 100 new clients using the unique strategic advantage of Marketplace Chaplains

According to a recent news release from the Hay Group as quoted in a Bloomberg BNA article,1 the average employee turnover rates over the next 5 years are predicted to rise to 23.4 percent from 20.6 percent. In 2018, the number of workers departing from companies is predicted to stand at 192 million worldwide. For a company with 10,000 employees, turnover costs for entry-level workers, alone, could reach $17.3 million, said the Hay Group Senior Principal Mark Royal, during a recent talent-management webinar.

Marketplace Chaplains, the nation’s original and largest workplace chaplaincy organization, had its largest year of expansion ever in 2013, thanks in part to its role in improving employee retention and turnover.

During a recent semi-annual client review, Marketplace Chaplains saved them $130,000 in just one location in six months.  “We have a very diverse workforce and many of our key employees have been here for a long time. It’s vital that we retain and please each one; having chaplains has been very helpful for us,” said Randy Turnbow, Chairman of EME, Inc., an airplane parts construction company in Southern California.

Examples of how Marketplace Chaplains make a difference and help with employee retention include an employee telling the chaplain he was quitting because of an ongoing physical challenge that would qualify him for disability.  The chaplain continued to encourage him in discussions over a period of months helping him to reconsider his ability to continue to work.  The chaplain reminded him of the value of his contributions to the company, the number of years he had worked, the work relationships and friendships he had built, and the value of continued years of service at the time of retirement.   To this day, the chaplain continues to reassure him, and the employee is still contributing to the success of the company.

Another time, a worker had been told by her supervisor that she could no longer work on the production line because of an injury.  She stated that this injury was caused by her job and that she was going to quit and take legal action against the company. The Marketplace chaplain encouraged her to visit with the company nurse and get treatment for her injury.  All has worked out well and she is recovering and continues to work with the company.

“We want to help and keep our employees and we feel that chaplains are the best way to do it,” said Roger Burdick, Owner and President of Driver’s Village in Cicero, New York.

Marketplace Chaplains currently has 2,800 chaplains serving 3,189 service locations across 23 different industry types, in 46 states, 989 cities, in 4 foreign countries, and 1 commonwealth.

“In today’s economy, employee retention is vital to a company’s success. We are privileged and excited to see these innovative CEOs making the wise business decision to use Marketplace Chaplains to help their employees and their family members deal with the ups and downs of life. In my experience, if employees are content and feel valued by their current employers, it makes it much less likely that they will seek other employment,” said Richard S. De Witt, Executive President and COO of Marketplace Chaplains.

Good Economic Times Don’t Decrease the Need for Workplace Chaplains to Help Others

The continually growing U.S. economy, as reflected in the most recent Labor Department statistics, has also been reflected in the employee growth of Marketplace Chaplains’ client companies.

Several companies which use Marketplace Chaplains, the countries original, leading, and largest workplace chaplaincy provider, say they use chaplains as a way to help their employees handle everyday stresses, as well as the many related issues that come with a company’s growing success.

Among current Marketplace Chaplains client companies which have experienced a large increase in employees over the last several months are Pioneer Natural Resources, PacMoore Products and NOW Foods.  In 2013, Marketplace Chaplains had a banner year and signed more than 110 new companies, bringing the unique strategic service to 114,000 new employees and their family members.

“I started this company in the bedroom of my house and as we have continued to grow, it’s helpful to have chaplains who can talk with our employees, helping them with their needs and concerns,” said Kim Pedersen, Founder and CEO of Dallas-based Service Lighting & Electrical Supplies, while standing within his warehouse. “Just to have someone to talk with is a great value to our employees, especially as we have grown,” Petersen added.

Bill Moore, the CEO and President of PacMoore Products in Hammond, Indiana, has employed Marketplace Chaplains since 2004. Over the years, and especially during his recent company growth spurt, he has seen many positive differences chaplains have made in his company with his people.

“Our chaplain members have hundreds of one-on-one meetings with our workers throughout the year.  We have 302 employees in two plants, and many of our employees regularly and actively use the services of Marketplace Chaplains,” Moore said.  He even makes his chaplains available to customers and customers’ employees so that they too experience chaplains offering help and hope in their time of need.

The February Labor Department report1 showed that the American economy added 175,000 non-farm jobs with the jobless rate at 6.7 percent, down to a 5-year low, with many economists predicting further improvement as 2014 continues into the spring and summer months.

National economists said that good economic times could affect everyone in the workforce in positive ways, but it could bring problems as well.

“While the economy is gaining strength and improving, this same economic growth may also bring about additional stresses for employees such as increased responsibilities, tight deadlines, longer hours and less time with their families.  No matter if during an economic upturn or downturn, Marketplace Chaplains are there to offer care, encouragement, and help for workers and their family members,” said Marketplace Chaplains Executive President and COO Richard S. De Witt.



2013 Training Increases for U.S. Companies, Workplace Chaplains

A national survey released in early 2014 showed that, on average, U.S. companies increased their training budget by 15% last year, the highest increase in 7 years. It was a finding in line with the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in training chaplains by the industry workplace chaplains’ leader, Marketplace Chaplains USA.

A 2014 report from Bersin by Deloitte1 points out that companies continue to spend heavily to advance the skills of their employees, and that the more highly rated companies spend more on their employees.

One interesting side note of the national training survey is the majority of companies listed on FORTUNE Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For”2 invest heavily in training and staff development.  Two of these Top 20 companies, David Weekley Homes ranked #13 and Hilcorp Energy Company ranked as #15, attribute their employee benefit of corporate chaplains as playing an integral role.

“We value our partnership as an excellent way of meeting our partner’s most important needs,” said Hilcorp Energy Corporation Chairman CEO Jeff Hildebrand.

In 2013, companies on the FORTUNE Magazine “Top 100” survey offered 66.5 hours of training annually for salaried employees and 53 hours of training for hourly employees, a total roughly equivalent to that of Marketplace Chaplains.

Marketplace Chaplains USA, the nation’s original and largest chaplaincy organization, is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, and has steadily increased its training budget to mirror that of the hundreds of corporate clients it serves in 3,100 locations in 969 U.S. cities and 45 states, 4 foreign countries, 1 commonwealth and 22 international cities.

“There is nothing more important to this organization, than further equipping the already highly qualified men and women chaplains, who offer help, hope and healing to the employees they serve in today’s corporate world,” said Dr. Dan Truitt, Marketplace Chaplains Vice President and Director of National Training and Staff Development. Dan has served with Marketplace for over 25 years and even wrote and taught the first-ever workplace chaplaincy curriculum for seminary students.

On average, Marketplace Chaplains have 22 years of caregiving experience, many with Masters and Doctorate levels of education in a variety of fields, as well as previous work experience in both secular and faith-based occupations. Every applicant undergoes thorough background checks and extensive personal reference checks, in addition to multiple interviews across several layers of Marketplace leadership.

In addition to their experience and caregiving skills, newly hired chaplains receive specific orientation and professional chaplain training on the issues they will face in the workplace, including ethical and legal constraints in the business world and how to relate to company management.  Through on-going support and training, each chaplain whether a new hire or a veteran, is part of a chaplain team supported and supervised by a veteran leadership team in chaplaincy and administration.

The Marketplace International Training Department is guided by Dr. Dan Truitt and Director of Chaplain Training and Development, Marv Wittenburg, a former National Trainer for the Social Security Administration who brings 40 years of training development expertise to Marketplace Chaplains. Together they recently launched the new training website, The Chaplain Resource Center3, which provides guidelines and experiential resources from serving over 3 million hours of chaplain service to corporate America.

“Marketplace Chaplains is committed to excellence in the area of chaplain training and the training never stops.  Whether a new Marketplace Chaplain or a 20+ year veteran, there is a wide range of training materials available 24 hours a day, for the over 2,800 chaplains serving more than 550,000 employees and their family members.  Training materials include resources for new chaplain training, instructional guides covering policies and procedures as well as numerous training tools for enhancing the personal skills of our chaplains.  Continuing education materials are presented topically and deal with a number of areas of chaplain caregiving, such as improving listening techniques, providing premarital chaplain care, as well as issue related guides for dealing with specific needs such as depression, stress and grief,” said  Marv Wittenburg.

“The essence of the effectiveness of our Employee Care Service is professionally trained and experienced chaplains directly serving employees and their families of our corporate clients. The selection, training and support of these chaplains are the highest priorities for Marketplace Chaplains,” said Marketplace Chaplains Executive President and COO Richard S. De Witt.