George CotterGeorge Cotter
President, Marketplace Chaplains USA, Dallas, Texas

George Cotter came to Marketplace Chaplains after a 25 year career as owner and operator of his own business. At the age of 40 George became a believer and follower of Jesus Christ; from that point on his values and priorities changed. For several years George was part of the leadership team of the Dallas men’s Bible Study Fellowship and was one of the teachers with Dallas Exchanged Life Ministries. George started with Marketplace Chaplains as a part time chaplain, was hired as the Metroplex and West Texas Division Director then Southwest Region Director and now serves as President of Marketplace Chaplains, USA. George received an Aeronautical Technical degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Texas Christian University, and a Masters in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. George and Jean have been married 39 years with two grown children.