About Marketplace Chaplains

Founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1984, Marketplace Chaplains USA has expanded every year for the past 30+ years, and now serves nearly the entire country.  Client companies with multiple locations are able to have chaplains available to employees at each of their sites.  Marketplace Chaplains USA is the longest continuing provider of workplace chaplains to corporate America today, as well as the largest.  Over 2,800 chaplains serve from California to Massachusetts, providing personal care for over 550,000 employees and family members.

Mission Statement

Marketplace Chaplains USA exists to share God’s love through corporate chaplains in the workplace by an Employee Care Service for our corporate client companies, both in the United States of America and abroad.

Organizational Statistics

Established 24-Hour-A-Day Chaplain Care Program 1984
Service Model – founded on U.S. Military Chaplain Model Personalized, Proactive, Voluntary usage, Confidential
Continuous Growth Every Year for Over Three Decades since 1984
Chaplains Serving Males 1,849
Females 1026
Minorities 748
Total 2,875
Ethnic/Language Groups Served Russian, Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Asian, Spanish, American Indian, African (various dialects), English
Total Employees, Patients, Residents and Family Members Currently Cared For over 580,000
Cities with Client Locations Currently Served 1018
States with Client Locations Currently Served 46
Total Clients Currently Served 633
Largest Current Client – Pilgrim’s 32,700
Smallest Current Client – SDG Investments 1
Percentage of All Clients Retained Since 1984 Approximately 75%
Retention Rate for Clients Utilizing Service 2+ Years Approximately 96%
Number of Locations Served This Week 3383